High-power range extender: DC voltage within 850VDC (settable) voltage stabilization function-voltage is not affected by engine speed; The active rectifier module is small in size, light in weight, with a weight of about 30KG of 600KW. Long life-design life of more than 20 years; Energy saving-compared with constant speed range extender, energy saving 10-20% fuel; Protection grade-IP67; Good shock resistance -10G mechanical vibration resistance, 50G impact resistance; Permanent magnet synchronous reluctance auxiliary generator-efficiency up to impact resistance

The H1 series axial piston pump is designed as a cradle type swash plate, which is mainly used in closed system. The pump output flow ratio corresponds to the pump input speed and displacement. The pump displacement can be steplessly adjusted between zero and large displacement. The direction of the pump outlet oil changes with the swash plate swinging over the neutral position (zero displacement).

H1B series motor is a bent shaft integrated ball plunger variable motor. The motor is designed to be able to form a closed circuit with other products to realize the transmission and control of hydraulic energy.

90 series variable pump can cooperate with 90 series motor or other types of hydraulic products to form a hydraulic drive system to achieve the transmission and control of the fluid. Series 90 products are mainly used in closed systems.

• T90 variable plunger pump -Validated optimized 9-plunger cylinder body ROTARY ASSEMBLY -Smaller dimensions, Higher efficiency -System A and B ports are all metric threads -Manual control • S90 Dosing Motor -Validated optimized 9-plunger cylinder body ROTARY ASSEMBLY -Consistent displacement of motor and pump -System A and B ports are all metric threads -Integrated loop flush valve • TM G reducer -Design proven by years of use -Lower noise -More suitable for complex road conditions -Stronger resistance to vibration and shock

PVG valve block in the system design for the customer to create a good flexibility. The modular design of PVG provides you with almost countless configurations to adapt to future changes.

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