System Supplier

Brake system of loader

Integral pedal valve, dual circuit pedal valve, charging valve, handle valve

Braking system of underground trackless equipment

1. The steering, braking and working systems share a pump source to save installation space. 2. Steering priority while ensuring braking safety. 3. High integration, saving space and pipeline connection cost. 4. Hydraulic control throttle system, flexible operation, small pedal force, easy pipeline layout. 5. Driveline brake, independent parking brake is safe and reliable. 6. Independent fan motor, better cooling effect.

Aircraft tractor braking system

1. Higher brake pressure. 2, low pedal force (can save 75%). 3. The hydraulic circuit is simple, and the steering brake uses a pump source. 4. Built-in safety valve. 5. Mature application experience.

Brake System of Airport Transport Vehicle

1. The double-circuit braking system ensures safety. 2. Independent brake, service brake and parking brake are realized at the same time. 3. Hydraulic control throttle system, flexible operation, small pedal force, easy pipeline layout. 4. Low brake pressure and low pedal force.

INVERTER inverter

• Precise traction motor control, generator set AC/DC conversion and engine speed control • Power range 100-300kW • SAE J1939 and CANopen communication protocols • Codesys open application design platform


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Auxiliary Motor Technology • Designed for heavy-duty mobile devices • High efficiency and high torque output over full speed range • Compact, light weight, efficient water cooling • Up to 98% efficiency • Power range 30kW-840kW • Customized motor power 1000-4000kW

Mobile crane

Lifting and drive system optimization design Substantial reduction in fuel consumption, noise and displacement Higher work efficiency Multiple drive modes

Special vehicles

Main advantages of Danfoss system Holthausen fuel cell cleaning vehicle can run for 1.5 days with a single hydrogenation Long running mileage Reduce operating noise by half

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