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H1 variable displacement bent shaft motor / closed circuit axial piston motors

H1B series motor is a bent shaft integrated ball plunger variable motor. The motor is designed to be able to form a closed circuit with other products to realize the transmission and control of hydraulic energy.
  • Commodity name: H1 variable displacement bent shaft motor / closed circuit axial piston motors



  • Product Description
  • Higher overall efficiency

    Our motor family allows top design flexibility – whether you are looking for high sophistication or simplicity itself.

    Our H1 bent axis motors are designed to complement the growing family of H1 axial piston pumps. Featuring proven 32 degree bent axis technology, zero degree capability and higher overall efficiency, they offer a number of significant advantages

    The L/K motor is designed for use primarily in mobile equipment using existing and proven technology. These motors have been optimized with regard to options, life, package size and installed cost.

    H1 bent axis motor

    Your benefits

    High speed capability: The optimized surface finish combined with a high spring rate and best-in-class components. This ensures your machines has with high speed capability at minimum angle, allowing for maximum performance

    Shortest unit length on the market: The H1 Bent axis has the shortest unit lengths in its class

    Quality: Integrating solely IP67 and IP69K rated electric components and fulfilling the quality goal of 250 DPM. The H1 Bent axis motor convinces with superior quality

    Efficiency: The H1 Bent axis motor design leads to minimized control losses and enhanced efficiency. Due to inclusion of smallest dead volume and flow optimized end cap as well as valve segment.

    Robustness: One-piece housing and minimized case pressure ensure your machine operates with highest robustness. The strong synch joint improves dynamic torque capabilities

    Maximized pressure: Balanced 450 bar delta pressure enables you to operate your machines at high power, increasing your effectiveness

    Best serviceability: External shaft seal accessibility and built-in flexibility through the common design of the H1 family. This means easy and quick replacement and convertibility, simplifying machine operation for you

    Easy conversion: Each control supports all sizes of H1B motors to simplify motor conversion

    Excellent service: Choosing Danfoss as your partner, you will profit not only from excellent service through our trained experts. Also, you will profit from short delivery times – to provide you what you need, when you need it

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