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6 PVG proportional multi-way valve

PVG valve block in the system design for the customer to create a good flexibility. The modular design of PVG provides you with almost countless configurations to adapt to future changes.
  • Commodity name: 6 PVG proportional multi-way valve



  • Product Description
  •        Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to serving the development of the manufacturing industry, focusing on electro-hydraulic power transmission and control system solutions. Provide the overall scheme of non-road vehicle walking system and operating system, the overall scheme of non-road vehicle and ship oil-electric hybrid drive system, and the solution of intelligent, remote monitoring and driverless electronic control system. Strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign professional hydraulic, transmission and control companies such as Danfoss DANFOSS, Dana DANA, SAFIM, Voss, Danassen DANASET, Black Bear Black Bruin, Xylem, Vitec WEBTEC, DURST, etc. to promote the development of manufacturing industry.

    Modular design, flexible system configuration

    Adopt mature and reliable PVE power ratio control technology to simplify the installation and setting of the system and use load-sensitive technology to improve system efficiency and reduce power consumption.

    Flow is not affected by load master changes, allowing more accurate operation. SIL 2 certified digital drives (PVED-CX)

    Flexible system design
    PVG The valve group creates good flexibility for the customer in system design.PVG The modular design provides you with almost countless configurations to adapt to future changes. Load-sensitive technology also means that the wear on other parts of the system will be reduced, thereby greatly extending the service life of the machine. Our high-quality valve manifolds are very durable and maintain excellent control performance every day.

    Advanced Electrical Drives

    We offer a series of electrical drives, from simpleON/OFF control, to the advancedCAN Bus communication control. Our advancedPVED-CC andPVED-CXDigital drives are specifically designedJ1939/ISOBUSAgreement andCANopensystem and design.PVED-CXSame throughSIL 2 Certification (SIL2ComplianceIEC 61508requirements), to meet the European Machinery Directive2006/42/ECrequirements, which can reduce the time and cost associated with system certification and vehicle certification.

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