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Steering Components

The company's product range is sufficient for all types of steering functions-from ordinary two-wheel steering (Ackermann steering) to articulated steering, multiple four-wheel steering, automatic steering (I. e. through sensors), and steering via satellite remote control.
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  • Product Description
  • The highest standards of safety

    If you like being in the driver’s seat, you’ll love the light responsiveness of our steering units.

    It takes a lot to keep steering forces under perfect control in all kinds of driving conditions. With Danfoss hydraulic steering units, a steady, reliable performance is integral to the design. 

    Look forward to the highest standards of safety and operator comfort. In addition, a low noise level that the surroundings are bound to appreciate.

    Our steering units are available in many types, most of them with integrated valve functions. Perfect for smooth driving on the straight or during maneuvering.

    Danfoss is the world's manufacturer of hydrostatic steering system steering gears for off-highway vehicles. He can provide various solutions according to components and systems. The company's product range is adequate for all types of steering functions - Including steering from ordinary two-wheel ( Ackermann Steering) to articulated steering, compound four-wheel steering, automatic steering (ie through sensors), and steering via satellite remote control. The company is able to supply according to various types, varieties and sizes.1000 Multiple steering gear, 150different priority valves and300Performance characteristics of different steering rod steering gears:
    - -
    Low steering torque:Under normal steering conditions,Torque is0.5 nmTo3 nm [4.42 NMTo26.6 lbf-in]
    - -
    Low noise
    - -Pressure decrease
    - -Multiple types:Open-core non-reactive type,Open core with reactive type,Closed core non-reactive type,Load Sensitive,Load Sensitive Reactive,Power beyond type.
    - -
    Can contain one or more built-in valve functions:InLandRRelief valve in oil circuit,Buffer and fill valve,InPandLScheck valve in oil circuit.
    - -
    Optional Port Connection. (PressISO, SAE,orDINStandard).Electricity-Performance characteristics of hydraulic steering gear:
    - -
    High steering pressure,Oil cylinder and oil quantity with small demand
    - -with lower pilot pressure,Therefore, the noise in the cab is low
    - -Even on super-heavy vehicles,Emergency steering is also possible
    - -The use of articulated steering can reduce the acceleration to a very low level.
    - -Using Microprocessor Controller:No steering wheel drift,And it is possible to make the steering ratio variable..
    - -
    contains simulations andCANBus Interface 
    - -
    Electricity-Hydraulic steering valveEHPSCan be with SAO-DanfossPVG 32Combined use of proportional multi-way valve 
    - -
    The system is throughTUVApproved,The controller contains a steering software that guarantees strict stability..

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