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Wheel loader steering system

Technical features: Can be applied to different types of wheel loaders • Optimized input torque and steering characteristics for comfortable operation and low cab noise • Multiple options available for quantitative or variable pump systems • The priority valve can be installed in different positions (installed on the pump side, installed on the steering gear, and PVG valve combination arrangement or separate placement) • Manual emergency steering can be realized without emergency steering oil pump Application models: Can be applied to various types of wheel loader.
  • Commodity name: Wheel loader steering system



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  • Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to serving the development of manufacturing industry, specializing in electro-hydraulic power transmission and control system solutions. Provide off-road vehicles walking system, operating system overall program; off-road vehicles and ships hybrid drive system overall program; intelligent, remote monitoring, unmanned electronic control system solutions. With Danfoss DANFOSS, Dana DANA, SAFIM, VOSS, DANASET, Black Bruin, SALEMO xylem, WEBTEC, DURST and other domestic and foreign professional hydraulics, transmission and control companies to promote the development of the manufacturing industry strategic cooperation.

    High-performance wheel loaders require machines that consistently deliver superior performance. With electro-hydraulic steering solutions, load-sensitive systems with anti-stall function, and electronically controlled work systems, machines are easy to drive, with user-friendly operating systems and powerful drive systems. Superior machine performance, long-lasting excellence. Renhe provides high quality products and related solutions, specializing in systems that meet your needs. Our solutions include hydrostatic and electrohydraulic steering systems, proven load-sensitive proportional valves and powerful hydrostatic drive systems.

    In addition, we can provide a full range of advanced electronic control systems that allow the machine to work efficiently and with outstanding operator comfort. We're here to help get the best out of your machines - and it doesn't stop there.

    Never stop.

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