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Waterway system

Pump circulating cooling water to cool the motor/battery/controller of new energy vehicles
  • Commodity name: Waterway system



  • Product Description
  • Pump circulating cooling water to cool the electric motor of new energy vehicles/Battery/Controller

    Stainless steel general-purpose centrifugal pumps for the automotive, yacht and industrial markets. Centrifugal pumps are widely used in a variety of working environments.

    CycloneThe pump is a large-flow DC centrifugal pump, and the DC motor can be directly powered by moving vehicles or ships. Reliable and stable performance, especially suitable for harsh installation environment.

    Typical applications: circulating cooling water, hot water system, pressure water system.


    lHeavy load design, adapt to the harsh installation environment

    lStainless steel pump head, more pressure resistant

    lLong life brushless DC motor

    lIntegrated electronic control, built-in overload protection

    lQuiet operation

    lAnti-clogging impeller design

    lLife machine seal

    lSimple maintenance


    Controller protection:

    Dry turn protection

    When the working current of the motor is lower than 3.5A and maintained for 25s, the dry rotation protection will be triggered and the motor will stop until the power is cut off and restarted.

    Current Limiting Protection

    The motor operating current is limited to 12A(+/-10%).

    Stall-rotor protection

    The motor stops running and needs to be powered off and restarted to resume starting again.

    Undervoltage protection

    When the supply voltage is less than 18VDC, the motor does not run.

    Overvoltage protection

    When the supply voltage is greater than 32VDC, the motor stops running.

    Temperature protection

    When the temperature of the controller is greater than 125 ℃, the motor stops running, and when the temperature of the motor drops to 110 ℃, the motor starts again.


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