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Landscape feelings, Lingxiu Weihai, mountains like green jade, water like sapphire blue. Weihai is shady with green trees, fragrant in the four seasons, blue sky and blue sea, green trees and flowers prosper together. In this vibrant land, Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd., a star enterprise that has attracted worldwide attention, has been bred.

Heart with the people to help the world, the water to melt people in harmony with the youth

Landscape feelings, Lingxiu Weihai, mountains like green jade, water like sapphire blue. Weihai is shady with green trees, fragrant in the four seasons, blue sky and blue sea, green trees and flowers prosper together. In this vibrant land, Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd., a star enterprise that has attracted worldwide attention, has been bred.

In 1998, a group of young people who dare to be the first, full of enthusiasm and dreams, catered to the background of reform and opening up, joined the machinery manufacturing industry, and devoted themselves to the professional technology research and development of power transmission and electro-hydraulic control. In 2009, "Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd." officially changed its name to "Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd.". The change of the company name contains profound meaning, marking that the company has entered a new stage of development. After ten years of hard work, people have made great strides together. Work together and forge ahead, people are happy to change their faces. Nowadays, Renhe Electromechanical has become a world-class technology developer and system solution comprehensive supplier in the field of power transmission and control. More and more employees are joining Renhe Home. They are stepping on the beat of the times and relying on their unique "The spirit of" local power "promotes the development of Renhe with a high-spirited attitude, and writes a new chapter of hard work and prosperity.

Weihai City, the seaside city of Renhe Electromechanical Nest, and the location advantages of the Bohai Rim Economic Zone make Renhe Electromechanical and "water" bond, and form the core values of corporate culture with "water": Jinsheng Lishui, water merges with people, Read the soul of water, be a person of heaven and earth. Mount Tai does not allow soil, so it can become big. Rivers and seas do not choose trickles, so they can bring together employees from all over the world with their deep and inclusive character, just like condensing the power of rivers and lakes, rushing into the sea, making the vast and boundless human mechanical and electrical engineering.

Good as water! Water not only has the moral character of softness and goodness, but also has the spirit of going forward bravely without any hindrance. Therefore, Laozi advocates people to learn the "seven virtues" of water, so as to "live in a good place, be kind in the heart, be kind with benevolence, be kind in words and faith, be good in governance, be good in deeds and be good in time". The English abbreviation of Renhe is "H H H", which stands for "human, harmony, hydraulic pressure" and "head, heart, hand". At the same time, it is also the pinyin initials of "he, river and sea. Renhe Group is born of water and works in water. It has the nature of water and relies on diligence and wisdom.

People like water, is called modesty. With more than ten years of accumulation, Renhe Electromechanical's brand awareness is well-known in the industry, and it has become a shining pearl of Weihai's industrial modernization. The impressive performance does not make people boast. If you want to go higher, you should keep a low profile and be modest. The company encourages employees to participate in technical forums and summit exchange activities. The three-year "International Fluid Power Transmission and Control Technology Exchange Conference" was held in Weihai. The banner of Renhe was planted in every corner of the venue, and the influence of Renhe brand continued to increase. All are the results of modestly learning and learning from each other. Just as water is the source of all things, it should be regarded as a monument, but it has always maintained a humble attitude, "with its light, with its dust", where it flows where it is low, where it depressions where it gathers, and even more deep and quiet. Human development, modest heart, valuable!

People are like water, which is called unity. A hundred flowers bloom instead of a leaf, and the contention of a hundred birds does not follow suit. Countless people gather in Weihai with their employees. They compete like flowers, making Renhe Electromechanical a colorful world. A single branch is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom in spring garden, one heart and one mind to build a dream, one heart and one heart, one heart and one mind. As long as we unite closely, unite as one, and strive for a common dream, the power to realize our dreams will be extremely powerful. It is with this strong cohesion that all the employees think and work hard together to accumulate the company's remarkable achievements. The development of people, work together to create brilliant.

People like water, is called perseverance. If you insist on your goal and don't relax, you will never stop. Ling Yun's ambition is small and his tolerance is high, and he will pay the state for his spring oath. The rise of Renhe Electromechanical reflects the quality of perseverance and perseverance, which is awe-inspiring. The road of human-to-human development is like the Yellow River, with many barriers and temptations. Even if the mountains are stacked and turned thousands of times, has the will to flow east into the sea ever wavered and the vigorous and heroic steps ever stopped. The waves hit the reef, even if they are shattered, they will never shrink back. Wave after wave, wave after wave, fight bravely, and finally get into the sea and achieve brand bearing. Reading the history of human beings, I have a deep feeling in my heart, which is a collection of thousands of words of wireless reverence. Human development, stick to its way, soft endure bone.

People like water, is the predicate broad. A drop of water into the sea, it has the whole world. Renhe team is an open team. Its breadth attracts people of insight to join in continuously. People can do their best to seek the future together and develop harmoniously. Elites of different professions gathered here for the same dream. They marched bravely, cut through obstacles, and prepared for danger in times of peace. Yuru Yucheng created a miracle of the development of Renhe Electromechanical with hard work and strength. The breadth of water lies in its inclusiveness, penetration, and affinity. It raises mountains and mountains, feeds flowers and flowers, nurtures hehe and is strong, never choosy, and dislikes the poor and loves the rich. At the same time, although water is invisible, it changes because of the device. The shape of the container determines the posture of water. The simple truth teaches us the true meaning of being a human being. Being a human being should be like water, adapt to environmental changes, have a broad mind, and be moral first. The development of human cooperation, broad vision, extraordinary atmosphere.

People like water, is said to be flexible. Not constrained, not rigid, not rigid, not paranoid, is the driving force of continuous innovation of human electromechanical. To innovate, update, and seek innovation, we must emancipate our minds and break through barriers; we must not be afraid of hardships and be brave; we must not stick to one pattern and tolerate failure; change is constant, and flexibility will prosper. Facing the increasingly fierce competitive pressure in traditional industries, Ms. Zhang Shu, chairman of the board, has a long-term perspective, supports innovation and encourages innovation. Everywhere is a new place, every day is the time to seek innovation, everyone is an innovative talent, for the development of enterprises into a flexible and innovative cultural atmosphere. In April 2012, Renhe Electromechanical was awarded the honorary titles of "Excellent Partner" and "Strategic Partner" issued by Huawei Heavy Industry, which fully reflected the unremitting exploration of Renhe employees and expressed profound thinking and understanding. The spirit of water, sometimes rough crazy, sometimes charming, sometimes unrestrained. It changes from time to time, with dew beads at night, mist floating in the morning, sunny and auspicious, overcast and neon, rain in summer, snow in winter, anger in melting and ice in condensation. As a result, people and employees are flexible in their words, solve difficult problems, actively seek changes, and often change and change. Human development, smart and elegant, live in the present.

People like water, is called fair. Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. always develops its business by doing hard work. "Reality" is the root of all things, and "doing" is the fruit of all things. Hard work makes work effective, hard work makes employees benefit, and hard work makes cadres improve. Everything is based on reality, that is, fairness. The company provides employees with a broad development platform and promotion space. Market development needs fairness, employee incentives also need fairness, fair competition, and hard work first. In a fair and harmonious atmosphere, a strong "positive" energy will inevitably be formed within the group. If you hold the "positive", you will succeed, and the "positive" will win. The "positive" will be more consistent, and the "positive" will be more cohesive. Strength is stronger. The fairness of water lies in that it does not absorb wealth, does not think it is too poor, no matter whether it is placed in a porcelain bowl or a gold bowl, it is treated equally, and the water is not crooked, and the water is not crooked, which is called "level". Water is colorless, crystal clear; it is open and aboveboard, without desire, upright, with water as a mirror, good and evil can be divided. All employees should learn the character of water, transparent as water, calm as water, and good. Human development, fair competition, strength first.

Weihai so many jiao, gave birth to the human mechanical and electrical such as water corporate culture; the sea is so vast, cultivate the human staff such as water spiritual character. The water is endless and the movement is moderate, which is exactly the team spirit we need to cultivate. Little by little, a trickle of water, no matter whether it is clear or turbid, converges into rivers, lakes and seas; nourishes all things, the earth and the earth merge, no matter what, and the cycle goes back and forth, benefiting all things with the virtue of "good. As Renhe employees, we must deeply understand the humility, unity, perseverance, breadth, flexibility, and fairness of water, strictly require ourselves in daily work, and make progress and grow in exploration.

The great era breeds the hero's human cooperation, the great leap cultivates the heroic spirit, and the heroic spirit of the human cooperation staff is a surging river, surging and mighty. Today, the employees of Renhe Group have carried the banner of prosperity on their shoulders, the heavy responsibility of Renhe, and the hope of Renhe. Let's work together to witness a better tomorrow for Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd!

Author: SHEN Hongya


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