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Technical Seminar on "Intelligent Heating System of Full Heat Network" Successfully Held


At 1: 00 p.m. on June 11, the technical seminar on "intelligent heating system of all-heat network" co-sponsored by Renhe Electromechanical and Danfoss and co-sponsored by Weihai Thermal Power Group kicked off in the conference room of Weihai Thermal Power Group. The seminar invited five experts from Danfoss as keynote speakers, and more than 150 people including Weihai Thermal Power Group, Rongcheng Thermal Power Company, Weiqiao Power Plant, Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. participated in the seminar.

The seminar was divided into four parts, with Danfoss experts Wu Weijie, Ren Xiaohong and Hao Hongtao targeting"Danfoss full heat network intelligent heating system", "intelligent heating station system and primary heat network hydraulic balance solution", "heating system secondary network intelligent balance and digital control" and "based on the Internet of things, cloud computing artificial intelligence heating control" and other topics were shared. During the period, the participants showed a strong interest in the samples of more than a dozen thermal products displayed by Danfoss, and had a warm consultation and discussion with Danfoss experts.

After more than four hours of wonderful sharing, the seminar ended smoothly. Through this seminar, everyone has a preliminary understanding of Renhe Electromechanical, and at the same time promoted the Danfoss brand, and has a deeper understanding of Danfoss's digital and intelligent heating products.This technical seminar was very successful and achieved very good results. The participants responded enthusiastically and received unanimous praise.

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