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"Do not forget your initiative mind, Gathering Strength and Moving Forward" Group Building Activities to Celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the Establishment of Renhe Hydraulic


In order to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the founding of Renhe Hydraulic, enhance the sense of honor and mission of the team, enhance the communication between new and old employees, and improve the cohesion of the team, Renhe Special Organization organized all employees on June 19Group building activities were held in Yihai Garden on the 1st.

At 1:30 p. m., in the instructor's strict lecture, a passionate group building activity began.

After the intense and serious military training, there is an ice-breaking activity. Within the specified time, the team leader, vice-captain and team secretary are selected. The team leader organizes everyone to play the team name, slogan, team song and team badge, and then display them.

After everyone completed the display of the team name, slogan, team song and team logo in a full state, they met the first challenge-"60 seconds quickly"!

Through continuous communication, continuous failure, and continuous attempts, the members of the two teams finally found the right method. With a positive desire to survive and an indomitable spirit, the team was consistent from top to bottom, and finally the challenge was successful and the team was completed efficiently. Construction activities"60seconds ".                

After the fierce competition, the instructor organized a relaxing and fun game activity.……

After a simple rest adjustment, entered the ultimate challenge project---power circle……


Through this power circle project, the cohesion and centripetal force of the team are unprecedentedly high, and we also know that the team strength is endless!

Finally, Chairman Zhang led everyone to share the experience of this activity, and also shared the feelings and thoughts of Renhe Hydraulic's 22 years of wind and rain......

The road to the future is still very long. We will be strict with ourselves, indomitable, hand in hand, and create good results as we did in this group building activity!

In the future, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang and the unity and cooperation of all employees, we will advance its transmission, wisdom its equipment and help China's intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading in the torrent of "China's intelligent manufacturing.


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