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Embrace Total, Strive Forward -2019-2020 Annual Summary Conference


7Month29On the afternoon of the 6th, the company held a grand meeting in the large conference room on the 6th floor.2019-2020Annual summary meeting. The meeting was presided over by the General Office Zhou Lihua, and all employees and representatives of subsidiaries of the company attended the meeting.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Zhang Shu, chairman and general manager, made an annual summary and development plan for the new year. Mr. Zhang introduced the company's organizational changes, changes and new developments in the past year, fully affirmed the hard work of all employees, and put forward ardent hopes for everyone in the new year.In the new year, Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will continue to devote itself to the development of the service manufacturing industry, focusing on electro-hydraulic power transmission and control system solutions. Provide the overall scheme of non-road vehicle walking system and operating system, the overall scheme of non-road vehicle and ship oil-electric hybrid drive system, and the solution of intelligent, remote monitoring and driverless electronic control system. Will continue with DanfossDANFOSS, DanaDANA,SAFIM, FukushiVOSS, DanathanDANASETBlack Bear.Black brown, Sylamerxylem, VitechWEBTEC,DURSTSuch as domestic and foreign professional hydraulic, transmission and control company strategic cooperation to promote the development of the manufacturing industry. The new year is a historic turning year for Renhe to take off. Renhe employees have found the year of praise for Renhe industry in the past. Renhe enterprises have become the pioneer year of the industry in the era of not humiliating.

The person in charge of each section made a report on sales, procurement, project execution, financial analysis, administration, human resources and other aspects of the previous year,2019-2020Annual sales receipts are up from the previous year.16%. Each department also summarized the deficiencies in the work and the improvement plan.




Management representatives Liu Yukun, Bi Zhongmeng and employee representatives Lan Chunyu shared and exchanged their work experiences respectively.



Meeting on2019-2020The advanced teams and individuals that emerged in the year were solemnly commended, and the winners were highly praised by the company. The award-winning representatives delivered their acceptance speeches. Finally, the year-end summary meeting was successfully concluded in a cheerful and exciting atmosphere.

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