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After entering the 20th century, China's construction machinery industry has ushered in a period of rapid development, and the demand for complete sets of hydraulic products and professional technical services is increasing. Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Renhe Electromechanical), a technical company specializing in providing intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control complete sets of systems, was born in 2001. Since its establishment, Renhe Mechatronics has developed from agency cooperation to strategic cooperation with nearly 20 multinational companies such as Danfoss Denmark, Dynaset Finland, Dana in the United States, Voss in Germany, and Webtec in the United Kingdom, and has integrated various electro-hydraulic control systems in combination with its own core technologies.

Enter20After the century, China's construction machinery industry ushered in a period of rapid development, the demand for hydraulic complete sets of products and professional technical services is growing, specializing in providing intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control complete sets of technical companies.--Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Renhe Electromechanical)2001Year homeopathy.

Since its establishment, Renhe Electromechanical has been in contact with Denmark.Danfoss, FinlandDynaset, the United StatesDana, GermanyVoss, United KingdomWebtecWait near20The multinational companies have developed from agency cooperation to strategic cooperation, and combined with their own core technology, integrated various types of electro-hydraulic control systems, power transmission systems, electric drive systems, etc., to serve construction machinery, agricultural/Forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ships and auxiliary equipment, airports and fire special vehicles and other industries.

2020Since the beginning of the year, two large-scale electronic control system projects undertaken by Renhe Electromechanical have been successfully delivered,7000Meter remote control unmanned electric drive logging vehicle project and unmanned drivingAGVThe port vehicle project, marking the direction of the human-to-mechanical.Be a pioneer in the transformation of intelligent manufacturingThe goal is a substantial step forward.

2021Year3Month8On the 1st, Ms. Zhang Shu, founder and chairman of Renhe Electromechanical, receivedWeihai Women's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration EnterpriseCertificate of Honor. There are few female entrepreneurs in China's hydraulic industry, and Zhang Shu is a more representative one. She majored in aero-engine automatic control, and has been rooted in the hydraulic industry from the first employment unit to the founder of He Electromechanical.

20Over the past years, Renhe Electromechanical has played a good role as a bridge and link in the introduction of foreign advanced technologies and products, and has continued to provide value for high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency, and intelligent high-end equipment. In order to break the application technical barriers between various industries and to continuously promote the progress of hydraulic system integration and application technology, Renhe Electromechanical has been practicing on the road.

Renhe Electromechanical Hydraulic drive system practitioner

--Interview with Zhang Shu, Chairman of Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

How did you become a hydraulic person and why did you choose complete system integration as your main business when you founded the company?

zhang shu:1979In, I was admitted to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, majoring in aero-engine automatic control. This major is the study of control systems, professional covers a wide range, including dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electronic control, computer, and so on. The hydraulic transmission system is part of the control system. What I know most about this major is that the control system is alive, and every part of the system should be debugged to the most appropriate parameters, so that the final matching result can meet the performance requirements of the system. Aviation technology is more demanding than civil technology. In that era, we have learned about electro-hydraulic automatic control, hydraulic system thermal management and system volumetric efficiency.
   After graduation, I was assigned to Guiyang Aviation Hydraulic Accessories Factory (now Aviation Industry Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Liyuan Hydraulic), which belongs to the aviation system, to engage in the design of hydraulic product testing system. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, Liyuan Hydraulic has become a high-pressure plunger hydraulic pump with high strength in China./Motor manufacturing enterprises have trained a large number of hydraulic professionals for China's hydraulic industry, and these talents are scattered all over the country in hydraulic and related fields.
   Liyuan hydraulic is my first employment unit as a student to the society, which is very important to my growth. In the years when Liyuan Hydraulics worked, it was a period of vigorous development of the company. I was lucky to have access to the advanced technology in the defense industry and the heart components in the hydraulic system.--Hydraulic pump. Power source hydraulic pressure is like a window, through which I can see the wider world outside.
   After working in Liyuan Hydraulic for several years, I was transferred to Sichuan Aviation Gas Turbine Research Institute (now Sichuan Gas Turbine Research Institute of China Aviation Development), which happened to catch up with the very good development period of this research institute. In order to solve the problem of aero-engines, the country has carried out a series of international cooperation projects. Due to work needs, it has the honor to participate in some important cooperation projects. It was during this period that I developed my high policy information sensitivity and situation analysis skills.
    1989Years later, many of the Institute's international cooperation projects could not continue,1994Years I chose to go to sea from the aviation system. After the sea to the alumni company to help, contact foreign business. I know the United States at work.FECCompany, serendipity,1998In 2003, the American company proposed to cooperate with alumni companies to set up a Sino-US joint venture company to expand the hydraulic accessory business in the Chinese market for the American company, and proposed that I should be the general manager of the company. A few years later, due to special reasons, alumni transferred the Chinese shares of this joint venture company to Renhe Electromechanical, which was founded by me. Renhe Electromechanical became the controlling party of the joint venture company, and the joint venture company Renhe Hydraulic Co., Ltd. came into being (hereinafter referred to as Renhe Hydraulic).
    2001Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established under the background of the vigorous development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Its main business is the integration of complete sets of electro-hydraulic transmission and control systems. The positioning of the system integrator is determined by the combination of my major, national policy and the domestic and international situation.
   The 15th CPC National Congress made comprehensive arrangements for the cross-century development of the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the second wave of reform and opening up was set off in China. Thanks to this, China's infrastructure construction, including railways, highways, airports and buildings, has ushered in leapfrog development, promoting the accelerated development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The application of foreign advanced technologies and products in the aviation field and the aviation field to civil products can meet the desire of the electromechanical industry for electro-hydraulic power transmission control technology. Especially in the construction machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mining machinery and special vehicle industries, hydraulic transmission and control technology is an important part of it. High-quality components need to form a system to achieve its effective functions and give full play to its performance, and the performance of the hydraulic system The quality assurance is similar to my country's traditional Chinese medicine. It requires overall consideration to effectively meet the needs of the whole machine transmission and control.
   In order not to humiliate the mission of the times and shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times, Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was determined at the beginning of its establishment.Focus on high-end equipment, advanced its transmission, wisdom of its equipment, to help China's high-end equipment manufacturing industryBusiness purpose.

At the beginning of the venture, which application field did Renhe Electromechanical Company mainly focus on? How to obtain the trust of international companies and obtain the right of agency of products? Which brands of products did Renhe represent and establish strategic cooperation at present?

zhang shu:Because of my technical background, I often consult the "Hydraulic Transmission Design Manual", which mentions the application field of hydraulic system. I found that there is a large number of applications of hydraulic system in one field, that is, construction machinery. At that time, I learned from the alumni of Xugong Group that Xugong Group was recruiting graduates from major universities because of the lack of hydraulic professionals and the lack of hydraulic professionals. After summarizing several aspects of information, I concluded that construction machinery enterprises should use a large number of hydraulic systems, and the prospect of hydraulic system integration business is broad.
   We found that the schematic diagram and related materials of the hydraulic system of these imported construction machinery did not indicate the manufacturer of each hydraulic component. Through years of cooperation experience with American companies and the help provided by American companies, I found some clues to the manufacturer, so I took the initiative to contact the manufacturers of these hydraulic components and talked about agency cooperation with their domestic branches or offices. Through technical exchanges, they are very convinced of our professionalism and agree with our operational capabilities, market observation and market development capabilities. Therefore, even if we did not have any market performance at that time, these multinational companies would give us the agency of hydraulic products, and Renhe Electromechanical became the first agent of these companies in China.
   Renhe Electromechanical was the first to get the United States.Sauer(later by DenmarkDanfossacquisition) of the product agency.SauerIt started with the production of aviation hydraulic pumps and later expanded the production of civilian hydraulic pumps. The development of the enterprise is similar to that of power source hydraulic.
    20Over the years, Renhe Electromechanical has been committed to providing construction machinery, agricultural/Forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ships and auxiliary machinery, airports and fire-fighting special vehicles and other industries provide power transmission systems, intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control complete systems, and their corresponding technical consultation, maintenance and parts Supporting services have now formed a complete transmission system product structure chain. Each component in the system has a corresponding product partner.20Strategic partnerships with multinational companies, including: DenmarkDanfoss, DenmarkBukh, FinlandSampo, FinlandDynaset, ItalySafim, NorwaySiderpower, SwedenMD, the United StatesDana, GermanyVoss, GermanyClass, United KingdomWebtecWait.


Unmanned driving jointly developed by Renhe Electromechanical and Xugong GroupAGVPort Vehicle

Renhe Electromechanical has accumulated rich experience in the integration of hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic detection system. Please introduce some typical application cases by field?

zhang shu:The integration of hydraulic transmission system is the cornerstone of the development of Renhe electromechanical system. System detection effectively solves the problem that the hydraulic system has only "green light" and "red light" for a long time. Yellow light is set up for the system, which can know the state of the system in advance and provide an effective scheme for the whole life cycle management of the system. It is an important product for Renhe electromechanical system to assist the transformation and upgrading of high-end equipment and boost remote control and unmanned intelligent mechanical equipment solutions.
Below I share some typical cases of electro-hydraulic power transmission and control schemes developed by Renhe Electromechanical:
Construction Machineryincluding pavement machinery (road rollers, pavers, cold/Thermal recycling machine, milling machine), earth and stone machinery (excavator, bulldozer, loader, skid/Both ends are busy), construction machinery (concrete mixer truck, boom pump truck, rotary drilling rig), etc. Typical cases:for a customer863First set of project benchmarkingABGThe hydrostatic electro-hydraulic transmission and control system provided by the paver, which can carry out man-machine interface dialogue, overcomes the problems of cement paver, asphalt paving average thickness and automatic correction of paving walking, and provides value for changing the dependence of high-quality paver on imports.The complete set of electro-hydraulic transmission and control system provided for a customer's full hydraulic cold regeneration machine can realize speed matching and automatic and passive anti-skid control under any working conditions, intelligently match various road conditions walking and operation requirements, realize automatic intelligent leveling, milling depth, speed and flatness automatic control, and ensure the operation requirements of safety first. Compared with traditional models, the ability to adapt to the environment is stronger, the operation is more intelligent,AGVThe driver is fully prepared.
agricultural machineryIncluding cotton machine, rice harvester, corn harvester, potato/Tomato harvesting machine, etc. Typical cases:2021The intelligent cotton picker, which worked closely with a customer in, became a net red product, breaking the dominant position of American imported models in China. The electro-hydraulic power transmission and control system provided by Renhe Electromechanical for the customer's cotton machine meets the needs of the cotton machine to adapt to various cotton field operations, adjustable cotton picking speed and automatic packaging, and solves the bottleneck brought by the shortage of labor to agricultural development. The advantage of long-term trouble-free continuous operation of the cotton machine also improves the effectiveness of agricultural production and provides efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent solutions.
railway machineryIncluding beam transport machine, flatbed transport vehicle, rock drilling jumbo, tunnel transport vehicle, etc. Renhe electromechanical and China's high-speed rail construction by leaps and bounds, the rapid development of the line. Typical cases:① 2018Provided for Railway Construction Heavy Industries inDobby drilling rig provides hydraulic systemIt solves the technical bottleneck of the rock drill in the drilling process due to the inaccurate positioning accuracy, reduces the energy loss, and prolongs the service life of the rock drill.② 2020In, it developed a tunnel transport vehicle for a customer that can realize intelligent control functions such as double cab, hydrostatic two-way walking, electric control and brake one-lever double operation, two-way single operation, two-way brake priority matching, etc. Compared with the previous rail train, it has the characteristics of smaller terrain requirements, simpler operation and more flexibility, and greatly improved work efficiency. Under the same transportation capacity, it can save2/3The working time.
Coal mine, petroleum machineryIncluding directional drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, shearer, shovel truck, frame truck, roadheader, shuttle truck, trough truck, trackless rubber wheel truck, remote control shovel truck, logging truck, fracturing truck, etc. Typical cases:For China Railway Construction Heavy Industry GroupHydraulic Control System of Anchor Machine, to achieve lane width for the first domestic6.5Meters, alley height4.5The brand-new integrated and integrated complete set of equipment for the mechanized construction of large-section meters solves the long-term contradiction of the low efficiency of roadway excavation in my country's large-scale coal mines, marking a big step forward in the integration and intelligence of my country's coal mine excavation equipment. It plays a greater role in driving the economic development of the upstream and downstream related industrial chains.The complete system provided for a customer's remote control forklift truck project realizes electronic control matching, adjustable power curve and simple on-site control. Under the condition of achieving safe operation under various working conditions, it is more intelligent, energy-saving and comfortable than traditional vehicle operation.
Logistics machinery, municipal construction equipmentIncluding aerial work platform vehicles, forklifts, stackers, environmental protection equipment, etc. Typical case: In order to actively respond to the call for green development that green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan, Renhe Electromechanical participated in the research and development of a customer's sewage reinjection project. The use of independent design control procedures, the use of power optimization design, intelligent adjustable, to meet the non-polluting operating requirements and green reinjection conditions. Compared with the previous situation of ground pollution and nowhere to recover, a one-time environmental protection solution is realized.
Earthwork equipmentIncluding small excavation, two busy, sliding, rotary drilling rig, etc. Typical case: in the small digging walking system designed for a customer, the hydraulic detection system is adopted to detect the flow change of the two open circuits with the load, and the adjustment system is kept synchronized, which not only reduces the deviation of walking, but also provides big data for potential faults of the hydraulic system in time, thus improving the operation efficiency of the whole machine.
Fire fighting, airport and special equipmentsuccessfully developed125The electro-hydraulic control system of the dust suppression fire truck, the hydraulic system of the snow removal vehicle, and the electro-hydraulic transmission and control complete system of the tractor have played a positive role in promoting the localization of fire fighting and airport equipment. It is particularly worth mentioning that Renhe Electromechanical participated in the research and development, using high-power-to-weight ratio engines, electromagnetic direct drive hydraulic systems, power transmission and electro-hydraulic transmission control complete sets of a variety of special equipment, construction machinery inspection and repair vehicles and other patented products, Participated70Annual National Day Ceremony Display and Services.
Offshore equipment fieldPositive response made in China2025The development of high-tech offshore equipment has led to the development of intelligent equipment for offshore operations. Typical Case: Undertaken at the Provincial LevelDynamic Positioning System of Marine Engineering EquipmentKey research and development projects have been included in the regional demonstration projects of marine economic innovation and development in Shandong Province.
Escort for customer product qualityWhether it is a complete system with high cost performance or a complete system with leading technology and excellent performance, it is necessary to do a good job of detail control in the process of product assembly and implement effective oil pollution control measures. To this end, Renhe Electromechanical and customers in the vehicle assembly, factory commissioning to carry out in-depth cooperation, through online testing, monitoring of hydraulic oil cleanliness level, to ensure that the hydraulic system.The most healthyThe factory in the state reduces the hidden trouble of the whole machine by an order of magnitude and greatly improves the quality of the whole machine.


In recent years, Renhe Electromechanical has put forward the goal of "being a pioneer in the transformation of intelligent manufacturing". What substantial progress has been made?

zhang shu:Electromechanical and hydraulic integration is the development route of construction machinery and special equipment. The highly integrated mechanical structure, hydraulic system and electric control system can make the safety, reliability and maneuverability of construction machinery and special equipment better and more energy-saving and environmental protection.
    10years ago, inDanfossWhen we started to carry out electronic control business and develop electronic control products, the electronic control team of Renhe Electromechanical was built, and now has the ability to undertake large-scale intelligent electronic control system projects. In recent years, energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy sources have gradually been applied to the field of construction machinery and special equipment,2020Unmanned driving jointly developed by Renhe Electromechanical and Xugong GroupAGVPort vehicle project, and remote control unmanned operation for Baoji Gem Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.7000The complete system project of meter electric drive logging vehicle is to expand the past electro-hydraulic integrated system to construction machinery and equipment powered by electric power and new energy, and apply remote monitoring, unmanned driving and other technologies.
   These two major projects are the first set of projects, installation and commissioning are also during the outbreak, we applied for special staff travel, after months of installation and non-intermittent on-site commissioning, have successfully completed the delivery. The smooth delivery of these two projects meets the needs of customers for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and is also a key step for Renhe Electromechanical in the transformation and upgrading of new and old kinetic energy and the intelligent era.Be a pioneer in the transformation of intelligent manufacturingThe goal has taken firm steps.
   Renhe Mechatronics cooperates with Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong Jiaotong University and other universities, and has established two municipal technology research and development centers, one is Weihai Mobile Equipment Power Conversion Technology and Application Engineering Technology Research Center, and the other is Weihai Hydraulic Transmission and Intelligent Control Research Center. AsSpecialized and newEnterprises, we will work harder and strive2021The two research centers reached the provincial R & D center standards and developed into national R & D centers within ten years.
   Future development requires more professionals. In order to better cultivate talents, Renhe Mechatronics has also launched school-enterprise cooperation with colleges and universities, established an internship base for college students, and has become a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Shandong Province, Shandong Province5GIndustrial pilot demonstration enterprises.
   This series of measures are to do a good job in the reserve of technical and professional talents, in order to truly realizeBe a pioneer in the transformation of intelligent manufacturingThe goal is to lay the foundation.

7000Meters remote control unattended electric drive logging vehicle Daqing oil field joint commissioning and test successfully

What kind of products are currently mainly developed by Renhe Hydraulics, a subsidiary of Renhe Electromechanical, and what transmission technologies are used?

zhang shu:Human Hydraulics was affected by the Sino-US trade war, the export of hydraulic accessories to the United States business is blocked, and then the transformation of modern agronomic and horticultural intelligent construction equipment (mainly lawn mowers, fertilizer applicators, shredders, picking platforms), the layout of domestic and non-US overseas markets. In addition to the extensive use of traditional transmission technology, these smart devices also useHMT(hydraulic mechanical power shift transmission technology),HVT(hydraulic stepless transmission technology), hydrostatic transmission, electro-hydraulic transmission and control,AGV(automatic guided vehicle) and other technologies.
    2021Year6In January, the first orchard picking platform of Renhe Hydraulic was successfully exported to New Zealand. The development of the international market made a new breakthrough and upgraded from the export of hydraulic accessories to the export of new complete machines.QualityThe overflight. In view of the demand of some foreign customers for intelligent machinery due to lack of labor force, Renhe Hydraulic has changed lead-acid battery into lithium battery and added automatic obstacle avoidance function on the basis of the original electric platform of the orchard picking platform, so that the orchard picking platform can basically realize semi-automatic driving, meeting the requirements of customers in Europe, America and Oceania for environmental protection and automation. New optional accessories such as electric scissors, solar charging board and power inverter have been added to expand the customer options.
   With the continuous expansion of the domestic intelligent equipment market and overseas markets, Renhe Electromechanical and Renhe Hydraulic will further refine the product application details to meet customer needs and accelerate product development and upgrading.

Renhe Electromechanical insists on holding application technology seminars, which has formed a certain influence in the industry. What is the main role of holding application technology seminars?

zhang shu:The meaning of the name "Renhe" is cooperation, not only external cooperation, but also internal cooperation.
   When I came out of the aviation system, I first came into contact with the construction machinery industry. I found that there are serious technical barriers between the aviation industry and the construction machinery industry. Many mature technologies in the aviation field have just started in the construction machinery industry. When I came into contact with the oil, coal and other industries, I found that there were technical barriers between the industries.
   I realized the necessity of breaking the technical barriers in the industry, so soon after the establishment of Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd., I began to hold application technology exchange meetings. The exchange meeting was supported by a number of university professors and experts. At the same time, under the guidance of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and other industry associations, and with the support and help of enterprises in various application fields, the exchange meeting was held continuously.
   The applied technology exchange played an important role as a bridge:
    1.It provides an application technology exchange platform for engineering and technical personnel and experts in various industries to exchange information, break industry boundaries, and allow different industries to fully share and exchange experience in electro-hydraulic power transmission and control application technology.
    2.Introduce and share international advanced electro-hydraulic power transmission and control application technology experience in a timely manner, promote my country's application technology to be in line with international standards, develop in a higher quality, higher efficiency, and sustainable direction, and narrow my country's high-end equipment manufacturing technology and the world's advanced technology The gap between China and China has made due contributions to the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, the transformation and upgrading of high-end equipment, and the intelligent high-tech high-end equipment.

    3.A cross-border and cross-industry exchange and cooperation platform has been built. While enhancing the competitiveness of "Made in China" in the world market, it also allows international counterparts in the same field to understand the technological advancement of China's high-end equipment, and improve my country's electro-hydraulic power transmission in the world And the right to speak in the field of control technology.
    4.Through technical exchange and learning, cultivate more professional and applied technical personnel.

Service Platform for Life Cycle Maintenance of Electro-hydraulic System

As a hydraulic system integrator, what new concepts of system quality control do you have to share with us?

zhang shu:We need to establish the concept of system integration for the hydraulic system, not only to pay attention to the hydraulic components in the system, but also to pay attention to the medium hydraulic oil that transmits hydraulic energy in the system, and the pipeline system that carries the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil and pipeline system in the hydraulic system are very important, just like the blood and blood vessels in the human body.
We have solved the problem of high-end equipment from scratch. Today, when a large number of domestic high-end equipment is going to the international market, we need to further solve the problem of high-end equipment from scratch to refined. I have worked in the aviation industry system, the hydraulic oil quality of the hydraulic system and the pipeline system is highly concerned, in the system design of the oil and pipeline system as an important design subsystem project, which is really worth learning and serious study.
    2019At the annual supplier meeting of xugong group, a leading construction machinery enterprise in China, I was delighted to see that chairman Wang min gave xugong group a sound on construction machinery.Pipeline Revolutionorders. At present, the hydraulic system of China Mobile equipment generally uses hoses. As we all know, the hydraulic system design to try to choose the hard tube, only in the case of last resort to choose the hose. There is also a saying in the aviation industry hydraulic industry: if not necessary, the hydraulic system should use as few hoses as possible. Practice tells us that although the problem of easy aging of hoses outdoors has been solved, the flexibility of the hose itself, especially when the pressure pulsation of the hydraulic system is caused by changes in the working load of the main engine, is greater, which will not only lead to loosening of pipe joints, leakage, air intake, even pipe explosion and other serious phenomena, but also bring potential quality and safety hazards to the oil and pipeline system of the hydraulic system of the main engine. In addition, the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic system will be greatly reduced, and the overall performance of the system will not be effectively exerted, and the performance requirements of the host will not be met, and the operating efficiency will be reduced, energy consumption will increase, and even product failures will occur, thus affecting the quality of the host product.
   Helping high-quality high-end equipment to the market is the duty-bound mission of the times. Renhe Electromechanical has begun to promote the technical and market work of optimizing the management of oil products and pipelines in hydraulic systems. This work may be difficult to carry out, and it is not easy to be recognized by customers for the time being, because although it will reduce the maintenance cost of the entire pipeline system and the main engine (because the cost of the hose is higher than that of the hard pipe), the hose is more convenient than the hard pipe in the design and installation process, and the pipeline optimization design is required by the hard pipe, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the system design work and puts forward higher requirements for the designers. However, we firmly believe that improving product quality is the common wish of all enterprises in the ecological chain of high-end equipment industry. The concept of oil and pipeline optimization will be widely recognized soon, and everyone will cooperate to usher in a higher quality tomorrow of high-end equipment.

What are your opinions on the future technical development direction of hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic detection system? What are your technical research and development suggestions for hydraulic component suppliers?

zhang shu:Judging from the customer information we have, the future hydraulic transmission system will be more energy-saving and efficient. The hydraulic detection system will be closely integrated with the hydraulic transmission system, and with the help of the application of Internet of Things technology, it will move towards energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and networking., Development in the direction of visualization, so that the equipment has higher efficiency, reliability, detectability, maintainability and supportability.
Energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and the Internet of Things are already important components of high-end equipment. Suppliers of hydraulic components must keep pace with the times, innovate independently, and develop in these directions on the premise of meeting functional and performance requirements. At the same time, the electric drive will play an increasingly important role in the future, and will even replace the current hydraulic drive in some construction machinery. The electrification, intelligence and unmanned of the whole machine are the development trend, and the development speed may be faster than we expected. The transformation of Renhe Electromechanical will also meet the needs of the market, combining more sensing, detection, algorithm and other technologies with system innovation to provide value for high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency, and intelligent high-end equipment.

Renhe electromechanical's business scope also includes post-market maintenance services, please introduce the development of this part of the business?

zhang shu:Renhe Electromechanical focuses on the full life cycle management of the system and provides a full range of services before, during and after sale. In order to do a good job in after-sales maintenance services, we independently developed the electro-hydraulic system life cycle maintenance service platform and electro-hydraulic integrated test bench.
   The electro-hydraulic system life cycle maintenance service platform is a comprehensive guarantee platform that integrates electro-hydraulic system inspection, pipeline maintenance, maintenance, multi-power source provision and video teaching. The platform can not only realize the function of maintenance and detection of electro-hydraulic system, but also realize the power supply of electricity, gas and hydraulic, oil purification and detection, video teaching, pipeline maintenance and production, and auxiliary tools. The platform takes the car chassis as the carrier, which can realize the function of rapid mobile transportation and accompanying support.
The company is also equipped with advanced production assembly, debugging and maintenance test bench, which is an electro-hydraulic comprehensive test bench, which can carry out product delivery and maintenance tests on hydraulic components such as hydraulic pumps (open and closed), hydraulic motors, multi-way valves, etc.
   Renhe Electromechanical has now becomeDanfossThe only authorized repair center in China, establishedBlackBrown,FairfieldSuch as hydraulic and transmission products China maintenance station, in Weihai City and Changsha City, south and north are equipped with professional maintenance points, can undertake the repair of various types of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and can undertake the repair of imported domestic reducer.
    DanfossIt also authorized the company to undertake some of the hydraulic component manufacturing operations carried out by the core module, and guided and assisted the company in the establishment of pumps./MOTOR AND VALVE MODULAR MANUFACTURING CENTRE e.g.PVG Build CenterPVGvalve assembly center). This is of great significance for Renhe Electromechanical to further master the core technology of hydraulic components and production and assembly technology, and at the same time can quickly provide customers with prototype products and fault maintenance services.
   Based on the principle of cooperation, Renhe Mechatronics has developed a number of post-market strategic alliance partners in China.30Many partners joined. While holding the application technology exchange meeting, we will also hold maintenance service training. We will learn and improve together and cooperate with each other, aiming to provide fast post-market services for users across the country and provide reliable and fast market service guarantee for my country's high-end mobile equipment.



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