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The flag-raising ceremony urges people to forge ahead and renew their hearts.


8Month31On the 15th, all the employees of the company lined up in front of the office building and held a solemn ceremony to raise the national flag, the company flag and play the national anthem.

7Point59The ceremony of raising the national flag and the flag officially began. Three young flag bearers from the Department of Applied Technology and Renhe Hydraulics escorted the national flag and the flag into the stadium. In the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag and Renhe electromechanical flag rose slowly.

Ms. Zhang Shu, Chairman of the Board of Directors8MonthsVIPThe award-winning employee Sun Lu presented a red envelope award. The award-winning employees share their acceptance speech and work experience.

Zhang Dong this timeVIPThe award-winning employee Sun Lu made an award presentation speech for the model, and Sun Lu joined the company.6Since the beginning of the year, he has been conscientious and dedicated to his job. Under the strict management environment of the chairman of the board, he can still work hard and be steadfast. While doing his job well, he actively cooperates and supports other departments, regardless of personal gains and losses. Under the current situation of shortage of staff in the comprehensive office, he still dares to accept challenges and work overtime to complete the work, which has been affirmed and recognized by leaders and colleagues.

Finally, Zhang Dong encouraged everyone in Do not forget your initiative mind to uphold the company's aim of serving the development of the manufacturing industry and to promote the transformation and upgrading of electro-hydraulic driven manufacturing. As a member of the Renhe electromechanical family, we must calm our mind, reflect extraordinary value in ordinary positions, and contribute our strength to Renhe becoming an excellent supplier of electro-hydraulic transmission and control systems for non-road vehicles.


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