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Double-section integration, national conditions, cohesion, new goals


Autumn send cool, Guilan fragrance.10Month9On the same day, the company held a solemn flag-raising ceremony in front of the office building to warmly celebrate the great motherland.71The birthday of the year old, and called on all employees to unite, work hard and forge ahead, strive to complete the company's goals and tasks, contribute wisdom and strength to the company's high-quality development, and work together to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

7Point59The ceremony of raising the national flag and flag was officially started. Three young flag bearers escorted the national flag and flag into the stadium. In the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag and the Renhe Electromechanical Division flag were slowly raised, and all the staff were in high spirits and stood up to pay attention. The familiar and impassioned national anthem once again ignited the patriotic enthusiasm in everyone's hearts. A sense of pride and pride arises spontaneously.

Ms. Zhang Shu, Chairman of the Board of Directors9MonthsVIPThe award-winning employees Yuan Pengyu and Chen Shuhong presented red envelopes. Award-winning employees share their acceptance speech and work experience.

Chairman Zhang this timeVIPThe award-winning staff made an award-giving speech for the model, highly praising the development of sales colleague Yuan Pengyu in the northwest market in coal machinery, mining, sanitation, road maintenance machinery, construction machinery and other industries, for the promotion of DanfossD1POpen pump,S45Series open pumps, medium and heavy duty series closed pumps, various motors andPVGControl valves, as well as the application of Danathan high-pressure water pumps, air compressors and other products to make unremitting efforts; affirmed the financial center colleague Chen Shuhong on the risk control of funds, conscientious support for sales and the company's work to make outstanding contributions. Zhang Dong encouraged everyone to be full of family and country feelings in a special year, never forget the patriotic mission of establishing a career, and unite their efforts to open up a brighter new prospect for people.

Finally, at the initiative of the chairman, accompanied by the loud national anthem, everyone sang the national anthem again, and all the staff were excited by the majestic music and courageously embarked on a new journey.



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