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Construction machinery and special robots "two centers" landed in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone


On May 31, the author learned from the Municipal Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center that the location of the National Construction Machinery Quality Inspection Center (Jiangsu) and the Jiangsu Special Robot Quality Inspection Center was determined, and the "two centers" both landed in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

On May 31, the author learned from the municipal comprehensive inspection and testing center that the stateConstruction MachineryQuality Inspection Center (Jiangsu), Jiangsu Province Special Robot Quality Inspection Center site selection determined, "two centers" both landing Xuzhou economyTechnologyDevelopment Zone.
In January this year, the Provincial Bureau of quality Supervision approved the construction of Jiangsu special robot product quality inspection center, which will build a new professional laboratory of 3000 square meters and carry out five categories of inspection projects. It will become a third-party special robot testing and evaluation platform integrating parts testing, raw material testing, machine performance, environmental testing, system evaluation, standard formulation, system solutions, personnel training and training, it is conducive to promoting the construction of industrial standardization, the certification system of special robot products, the research, development and application of special robot industry, and highlighting the protection and promotion of the development of special robot industry in Jiangsu, East China and Central China.
In March, the National Construction Machinery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Jiangsu) was approved to be established in our city. The center plans to build 100 acres of engineering machinery comprehensive test site, and 10000 square meters of professional laboratory. It will be built into a domestic first-class construction machinery product inspection and research and development institution, providing "one-stop" comprehensive technical services such as quality inspection, quality certification, type test, standard development, technology research and development, and technology evaluation, leading and drivingXugongThe high-quality development of the construction machinery industry cluster led by the Group, actively occupying the world's commanding heights, controlling the right to speak in technology, and promoting China to becomemodernEquipment manufacturing power.
Inspection and testing is an important foundation for national quality development, and an important project to promote the agglomeration of industrial projects, the improvement of urban functions, and the promotion of people's livelihood happiness index. In recent years, with the goal of creating a "inspection and testing highland in Huaihai Economic Zone", our city has created bright spots and cultivated brands by integrating resources and building platforms, and the reform and innovation work has been fruitful. Speeding up the construction of "two centers" is not only the need of high-quality economic and social development in Xuzhou, but also the need to build and consolidate the inspection and testing highland of Huaihai Economic Zone.
It is reported that the "two centers" are built on the basis of Xuzhou comprehensive inspection and testing center. According to the development needs of the "two centers" construction, the laboratory construction land and the test site land are located in the economic development area.Carter.Supporting industrial park, including 100 mu of laboratory construction land, 72600 square meters of test site and 2.2 kilometers of runway straight distance.
Xuzhou Economic Development Zone is the core area of "China's construction machinery capital", the country'snew typeThe industrial equipment manufacturing industry demonstration base, the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, the provincial export construction machinery quality and safety demonstration zone, and the provincial construction machinery export base have been formed.Xugong Group,CaterpillarAs the leader, a relatively complete high-end construction machinery industry chain from the main engine to key components; forming a domestic first-class equipment manufacturing base featuring construction machinery, mining machinery, building materials machinery, wind power equipment, and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.
The landing of the "two centers" here will further promote the improvement of the industrial chain in the region, lengthen the industrial chain, improve the supply chain, cultivate the innovation chain, enhance the value chain, and constantly enhance the industrial agglomeration and global influence. we will speed up the formation of new advantages in participating in international competition and cross-border production capacity cooperation, and speed up the construction of a "world-class construction machinery industry agglomeration area". We will make every effort to promote the "China's construction machinery capital" equipment manufacturing city. (Ji Fang)

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