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21-sun Construction Machinery Daily Hot Spot Burning (20180607)


Thursday, June 07, 2018. Nearly 10 Million Zhonglian Sanitation Equipment Delivered in Urumqi On May 26, the 16th Xinjiang Autonomous Region Sanitation Workers' Day and the handover of sanitation vehicles and the launching ceremony of smart sanitation were held in the Urumqi Sanitation and Transportation Team. >>> View Details

Thursday, June 07, 2018.

Nearly ten millionZhonglianSanitation equipment delivered in Urumqi

On May 26, the 16th Sanitation Workers' Day of Xinjiang Autonomous region and the handover of sanitation vehicles and the launching ceremony of intelligent sanitation were solemnly held in the courtyard of Urumqi Sanitation and transportation team.>>> View Details

LiugongBig Dig Delivers to Gabon Customers to Fully Promote the West African Market

Liugong LargeExcavatorThe successful delivery of the CLG970E marks another solid step taken by the South African subsidiary of Liugong in promoting the "three comprehensive" strategy in the West African market, especially in terms of comprehensive solutions.>>> View Details

In May, the heavy truck market was aboutSales114000 vehicles of various types

In May this year, China's heavy truck market sold about 114000 vehicles of various types, up 17% from 97700 vehicles in the same period last year. From January to May this year, the heavy truck market sold a total of 560200 vehicles, up 15% from 486100 vehicles in the same period last year.>>> View Details

Xugong MachineryPresident Lu Chuan: Accelerate the Transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing with Xrea Internet Platform as the Starting Point

XugongLu Chuan, President of Machinery and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, made a wonderful sharing entitled "Intelligent Transformation of Manufacturing Industry" at the 2018 Phoenix Electric Innovation and Industry Development Forum.>>> View Details

German workCustomized services to meet customer needs

Recently, Degong 956N lengthened and reinforced wood holding ware was officially delivered to customers. This wood holding ware is a personalized product tailored for a large board company in Shandong.>>> View Details

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