About Us




The mission of the people:

To create a modern cost-effective power transmission and control system, intelligent power transmission and control engineering technology research and development and training, manufacturing and production as a whole, and related to the development and production of various special equipment high-tech entities. In order to realize the take-off of China's manufacturing industry and revitalize the Chinese nation, we will contribute our own strength.


  • Development concept:

    The ambition of water, science and technology for the country

    Facing the world, technology first

    Excellent price/performance ratio, attentive service

    Water source will be east, indomitable; Renhe Electromechanical is determined to develop and promote the power transmission system, and create value for customers with reliable quality and thoughtful service, develop business with science and technology, and serve the country with industry.

  • Talent concept:

    The Great Cohesion and Opening of Water

    Water, open and tolerant, so it can gather trickle into rivers and seas;

    Water, a strong cohesive force, once integrated, will share weal and woe and move forward in a common direction without hesitation.

    People are like water. They are an open and tolerant team and a united team. Everyone works together to achieve a combination of people, and a combination of people provides ample room for each employee's self-realization.

  • Customer philosophy:

    Learn from the benevolence of water and move yourself.

    The benevolence of water can bathe all living beings and all things. Human beings interact with customers for mutual benefit and win-win development.

    Water benevolence, also lies in their own movement at the same time, to promote others. As a high-tech enterprise, Renhe has the responsibility to keep making progress, master and develop science and technology in the industry, and also has the responsibility to promote more reliable technology and technology to customers, so as to realize the common improvement of customers and themselves.

    This requires people:There is the mind of a planner, the hands of an engineer of an honest and sensitive mind, the feet of an athlete

  • Management concept:

    Follow the righteousness of water to level Qingming

    Water, quasi also.

    The management of human cooperation pursues the clarity of the system and the clarity of the implementation.

    The behavior of people in line with others requires self-cleaning and cleansing in management.

    The quality management of Renhe requires clear standards, strict implementation, careful testing and watertight.

  • Competition concept:

    Tough and flexible as the courage of water

    Water to be soft and strong lies in the wisdom and courage of water-its wisdom lies in "living in a good place and moving good times", but also in that water is invisible and omnipotent; the courage of water lies in "going to the valley of millions without fear" and daring to face challenges.

    The competition concept of Renhe lies in "accurate positioning, grasping business opportunities, bravely meeting challenges, and dancing with the market."

  • Cooperation concept:

    The virtue of repairing water, the heart and the deep faith

    Water, heart good deep, words good faith.

    The concept of cooperation between people, the virtue of water repair, the mind as the abyss, calm and tolerant; integrity as the tide, no regrets.