Machinery Industry-Airdrop Vehicles

The short-head operation vehicle adopts an electro-hydraulic control system, which can quickly carry out combat readiness operations and complete various tasks such as clearing obstacles, shoveling, digging, and crushing. Controller-display-handle, etc. are linked by CAN bus, and the whole vehicle has good operability, reliability, mobility and information interaction ability.

Machinery Industry-Smoke Exhaust Fire Engine

The crawler type open walking system adopts the valve control walking of the open plunger pump, matches the accurate walking valve group, matches the working valve group together, and the closed fan electric control drive system, which can realize the ready driving speed of the fan, the closed fan drive system, the electric control variable pump can make the air volume be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs, the efficiency is high and the voice is small, the open load sensitive system controls the crawler walking, reduces the deviation, and adopts PIUS 1 microcontroller and displays, realize the control of multiple operating systems. According to different working conditions, realize the automatic reversing of the left and right water mist fans. According to different fire conditions, realize the stepless smooth speed regulation of the exhaust fan. The display operating system is used as an emergency system to prevent emergency situations. The vehicle is out of control. The reliability of the vehicle system is guaranteed, and the high-performance controller ensures the stability and high reliability of the vehicle control system.

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