Airport industry-container, pallet loader

The hydraulic system can be divided into an open working system and a full hydraulic automatic control system. According to the drive type, it is divided into single-circuit and dual-circuit braking to ensure the controllability of the vehicle.

Airport industry-snow removal vehicles

The closed hydraulic system drive system realizes the anti-skid of the vehicle. The plan of the open pump high-precision valve group can realize the coordinated work of rolling brush, material distribution and spreading. The closed fan system realizes the most reasonable power and can also realize the low temperature cold start function.

Airport industry-aircraft tractor

Closed low-speed and high-speed walking drive scheme, full hydraulic steering system, open smoke control working system

Airport Industry-Luggage Carriage

The hydraulic system adopts the walking drive system related to the engine to realize the safe operation of special vehicles. The open working operating system uses the Danfoss controller as the control core to realize the continuously variable speed of the vehicle and the power distribution of the engine, and at the same time realize the function of preventing flameout.

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