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Closed electro-hydraulic power transmission system

Because the closed electro-hydraulic power transmission system has the advantages of high component integration, high power density, simple pipeline connection, and easy matching with various controllers, it is widely used in the walking system and working system of various models, such as road rollers, loaders, bulldozers, pavers, milling machines, combine harvesters, underground scrapers, underground trackless rubber-tyred vehicles, aircraft tractors, cement mixers, oilfield sand mixers, oil fracturing vehicles, logging vehicles, telescopic forklifts, etc.

Paver double crawler walking control-GDP control system

The GDP software is mainly aimed at the closed-loop walking control of domestic pavers. The electrical system will consist of a 24-pin controller, a DP200 display, a travel control handle, speed setting potentiometer, steering potentiometer, mode switch and calibration switch. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of two electric proportional hydraulic pumps and two motors. The main control function of the software is to accurately control the speed of the two crawlers when the paver is working, so that the paver can keep walking in a straight line.

Scheme Design of Control System for Fracturing Truck

Fracturing operation refers to the use of multiple fracturing vehicles to inject the mixed fluid mixed by the sand mixing vehicle into the bottom of the well from the wellhead to form or expand cracks to improve the recovery rate of oil and gas. Each fracturing pump truck under construction transmits control and display signals to the instrument truck through a multi-core connecting cable, and starts and controls the throttle, gear shift, pressure and displacement display, overpressure reset, etc. of multiple fracturing pump trucks through a centralized control panel located in the instrument truck. The signals of density, displacement, dosage and pressure of various additives of the sand mixing truck and the manifold truck are transmitted to the instrument truck for data collection and monitoring display through connecting cables. In order to meet the requirements of construction technology, especially in the operation of large sand ratio, multi-vehicle cooperative operation, data sharing and reasonable and efficient automatic control system are especially important. The actuators of the sand mixer and fracturing truck can be controlled in the instrument car to ensure that the construction process requirements are met.

Constant tension logging control system

On the basis of the current situation of logging at home and abroad, this design fully investigates the first line of logging, understands the actual demand, corrects many misunderstandings of constant tension logging, and determines the system solution and realization goal of constant tension logging for hydraulic drive, transmission and control characteristics. The scheme relies on hydraulic system and electric control system, and skillfully completes the strict requirements of response speed and lifting force in "constant tension" logging.

Control handle

The various operating handles have a wide variety of configurations, including mechanical positioning, friction positioning, redundant output or switching functions, and may provide Hall-effect or potentiometer-based outputs. Whether applied to light load or heavy load environment, can find the handle to meet the needs of users.


Excellent display device ensures the reliability of user operation, has external video interface and multi-channel CAN bus interface, can realize wide range of vehicle parameters and environmental monitoring, built-in J1939 CAN bus association CAN bus protocol, can directly cooperate with EFI engines meeting Euro III and above standards, USB negotiation can directly cooperate with EFI engines meeting Euro III and above standards, USB and RS232 interfaces can be connected to notebook computers and PDA with RS232 interfaces. The buzzer output port can provide sound alarm, which can monitor anything from basic oil pressure to the corner of the machine.

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