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Wheel loader steering system

Technical features: Can be applied to different types of wheel loaders • Optimized input torque and steering characteristics for comfortable operation and low cab noise • Multiple options available for quantitative or variable pump systems • The priority valve can be installed in different positions (installed on the pump side, installed on the steering gear, and PVG valve combination arrangement or separate placement) • Manual emergency steering can be realized without emergency steering oil pump Application models: Can be applied to various types of wheel loader.

Schematic Diagram of Working System of Roller

Technical advantages: closed-loop vibration frequency control • Start/stop function related to walking speed • With ramp adjustment for smooth start/stop operation performance requirements • Can be applied to systems with multiple vibration modules • Different vibration modes; front wheel, rear wheel and front and rear wheel Application model Adapt to all kinds of roller work vibration system.

Material handling equipment drive system

Can be used for different types of vehicle travel system • Work/Walk mode selectable • Use automatic acceleration function to reduce noise and fuel consumption • The use of inch into the foot pedal to achieve ultra vires control function, improve the performance of the machine • smooth travel when increasing to high speed

Power transmission system of aerial work vehicle

Modular design of the valve block to meet customer-specific needs for machine functions

Full hydraulic brake control system with integrated main control valve

Due to the excellent performance of the full hydraulic braking system, it is used in forklifts, loaders, wheeled excavators, cranes, busy at both ends, garbage sweepers, bulldozers, graders, tractors, trackless rubber-wheeled vehicles, scrapers, combine harvesters, tunnel wet spraying machines, mining trucks and other models. It has played its important safety braking function.

Planetary reducer transmission system

Due to the wide adaptability of the planetary reducer transmission system, it can be used in the transmission system of shield machine, horizontal directional drilling, paver, bridge/rail laying machine, concrete pump truck, concrete mixing station, drilling rig, tower crane, milling machine, petroleum equipment, wind energy generator, airport equipment, shipping/port, maritime/ship, dumper, mining/quarrying, industrial equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc.

Bridge box drive system

Due to the wide adaptability of the bridge box transmission system, it can be used for loaders, tractors, wheeled excavators, busy at both ends, telescopic boom forklifts, oil test trucks, pavers, milling machines, oil logging trucks, mobile concrete mixers, Forklifts and other material handling vehicles, airport equipment, shipping/port, maritime/ship, mining/quarrying, industrial equipment and other host transmission systems

Steering gear steering system

L this series of hydraulic steering gear is mainly composed of two reciprocating fork push-rudder mechanisms, two oil pump motor power cabinets and a reserve oil tank. The control methods include electric control and pump control, which can be used in conjunction with any form of automatic steering and follow-up steering instrument. According to user requirements, two push-rudder mechanisms can be used at the same time or separately, such as one push-rudder mechanism fails, the faulty steering mechanism can be isolated to ensure steering. The control methods include manual reversing valve direct control, electronic control, and pump control. The electronic control steering gear can be used in conjunction with any form of automatic steering gear and follow-up steering gear. use.

Marine equipment

L Weihai Renhe Electromechanical has CCS certification, special equipment license and ISO9001 quality system certification. With rich experience and professional design, the company provides customers with yacht crane products with light weight, low headroom, safety and reliability, excellent performance and efficient operation to meet various working conditions, so that customers can reduce equipment investment and improve production efficiency. Reduce daily maintenance, save operating energy consumption, and achieve a good return on investment.

Hydrostatic Transmission Product Series

We offer drive solutions at both the original and system levels. Our products have complete specifications and can be used for large, medium and small power applications of single-track and double-track propulsion drives and closed-loop auxiliary drives. They can be widely used in construction machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and forestry equipment.

Gear pump and motor series

We provide a wide range of open loop products, which can be widely used in agricultural equipment, construction machinery, material handling machinery and lawn care machinery.

Cartridge valve

It can be applied to the system with flow rate of 0.4L/min-400L/min and pressure below 350bar. It is a cartridge valve group product that controls direction, flow rate and pressure. It has compact structure and high cost performance. It can integrate HIC (hydraulic integrated circuit) with integrated valve block design, high selectivity and individual and standard design.

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