8 G5X Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

● is the same volume of pneumatic pump in large flow ● The use of technical design of the reciprocating valve, can ensure the continuous operation of the pump ● Use quick connection port to make installation easy and convenient ● Solid design with durable installation ● One-time molding of the inner cavity, smooth and hygienic ● Leak-proof radial seal instead of O-ring seal ● Muffler is used to achieve silent operation

2 double column race electric diaphragm pump (Duplex-II)

● The new internal structure design improves the ability of the pump to vacuum and realizes reliable self-priming ● Short-term dry rotation is possible ● A variety of corrosion-resistant materials to choose from ● Built-in bypass design, timely relief of the pump outlet pressure, to avoid the outlet pipeline blockage when the pump smothered to damage the pump, the pump for effective protection The use of heavy-duty ball bearing design, so that the pump runs more smoothly ●Optional pressure switch, effectively protect the pump ● There are heavy-duty electromechanical options to meet the continuous working conditions

3 Three-plunger compact electric diaphragm pump (TRIPLEX-COMPACT)

● Compact automatic switch pump ● Waterproof pressure switch and motor ● With self-priming function, so the pump can be installed at a position higher than the liquid ● Short-term dry rotation is possible ● High pressure low flow pump for selection ● There are lower than high flow pumps for selection ● There are heavy-duty motors to choose from to meet the continuous working conditions

4 Three-plunger high-lift electric diaphragm pump (TRIPLEX-HI-PRESSURE)

Positive displacement three piston design, DC permanent magnet motor and AC motor

1 Low Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump (LF)

Reciprocating diaphragm, permanent magnet motor

1 Fuel pump

Mainly used for diesel, hydraulic oil and other oil products transportation. It has a strong dry self-absorption force and can be installed in a spacious place near the fuel tank for easy maintenance. Because of its high reliability used on mobile heavy machines, it is adopted by many construction machinery manufacturers.

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