System Supplier

Mobile crane

Lifting and drive system optimization design Substantial reduction in fuel consumption, noise and displacement Higher work efficiency Multiple drive modes

Special vehicles

Main advantages of Danfoss system Holthausen fuel cell cleaning vehicle can run for 1.5 days with a single hydrogenation Long running mileage Reduce operating noise by half

Hybrid and electric system for mining and drilling rig equipment

Danfoss and Normag collaborate to develop electric horizontal drilling rig Reduce emissions and noise Reduce fuel consumption by 50%, use only 18 liters/hour (External gen-set -mode)

Electric drive system for airport service equipment

Main advantages of Danfoss system Optimization of Hybrid System Structure Reduced fuel consumption, noise and displacement New Drive Mode Improve operational performance Market High Efficiency Powertrain Higher torque output in low speed region

Mixed forest, agricultural machinery

Main advantages of Danfoss system Increase power Optimized operation Reduce fuel consumption, displacement and noise More efficient energy recovery Effectively shorten the return on investment period

Hybrid, electric excavator

Main advantages of Danfoss system The hybrid system provides efficient energy recovery and reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% The overall system optimization design and equipment selection to provide customers with worry-free use Reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity Significantly shorten the return on investment period

Hybrid and electric loader

Main advantages of Danfoss hybrid system Significantly reduced emissions, fuel consumption and noise Hybrid system fuel efficiency increased by 50% Improve operational performance and efficiency Reduce system maintenance costs

Hybrid ship

Main advantages of Danfoss hybrid system Significant reduction in weight and volume of power systems Reduce fuel consumption Significantly reduce noise Improve operational performance

Port Intelligent Marine Lifting Electric System

Editron provide perfect electric drive or hybrid technology, by optimizing the design of the overall system. adaptive system control strategy effective energy recovery Equipment optimized for system efficiency

Electric and hybrid buses

Danfoss provides a complete set of electric drive systems, including Motor, Generator Controller DCDC super capacitor Control System

Pure electric ship

Drive and side push motor Inverter, Frequency Converter Drive control and energy management software Shore power charging design Design of Battery Management System

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