Oil industry-Fracturing trucks

The hydraulic air-cooled drive can be controlled by H1P pump FDC, matched with closed fan drive, and the forward and reverse rotation of the fan motor can be realized. Danfoss's controller is put on the board to replace the enlarged version of the original Parker, with lower price and high reliability, and gradually replace the original controller.

Oil industry-oilfield logging trucks

Electronically controlled variable plunger pump, electronically controlled variable plunger motor, two-speed reducer, electronic control handle and other components of the closed hydraulic drum drive system, convenient to achieve the logging car drum lifting, down and other functions.

Petroleum Industry-Coiled Tubing Operating Equipment

The hydraulic system is divided into two categories. Hydraulic control and electronic control systems are adopted to control the hoist drive, feed system and its auxiliary oil cylinder actions respectively. The display screen provided by Danfoss realizes the functions of overrun alarm, actual depth record and storage, CAN bus engine parameter acquisition and display, etc. through signal acquisition of encoder and pressure sensor.

Petroleum Industry-Well Testing Vehicles

Closed plunger variable pump, quantitative motor, two-speed reducer to form a closed hydraulic drum drive system, flexible control, electronic control, hydraulic control and manual control, convenient to achieve the test truck drum lifting, lowering and other functions.

Oil Industry-Power Cat Road.

The whole machine adopts load-sensitive open-type pump and PVG multi-way valve to realize automatic feeding and lowering of drilling tools on the drilling floor in the drilling and repairing process. The multi-way valve adopts explosion-proof electric proportional control to realize automatic control and accurate control.

Oil industry-Sand mixer

The sand mixer is composed of a one-to-three or one-to-four transfer box, multi-pump and multi-motor, and a pump-controlled closed-loop control system is adopted for sand transportation, sand suction and sand discharge, thus realizing wide frequency band and fast response. Liquid addition and dry addition are composed of open pump and multi-way valve to realize accurate control, so that liquid and proppant are mixed according to corresponding proportions and transported to the fracturing truck, higher reliability, and gradually replace the original controller.

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