Agricultural Machinery Industry-Beet Harvesters

Today's beet harvesters have developed into extremely mature and powerful machines. In order to meet the needs of the end customer, beet harvesters are designed to increase productivity, improve operating reliability and achieve better operating comfort. Combined with advanced GPS technology, electronic control scheme and drive scheme, beet harvester can be in any terrain with ease, to provide you with the best solution. To meet your needs, we can provide a series of high-quality products and complete system solutions, including advanced hydrostatic drive solutions, superior performance TruPath™Automatic steering system, load-independent PVG valve and PLUS 1™Electronic control products.

Agricultural Machinery Industry-Peanut Harvesters

Hydrostatic drive double pump double motor walking drive, gear pump multi-channel working valve group cycloid motor to achieve feeding, screening, vibration and other all the work performance.

Agricultural machinery industry-cotton picker

The hydrostatic driving walking system realizes the stability of walking, and its load-sensitive open working system realizes the working requirements of the cotton picking head.

Agricultural Machinery Industry-Rice Harvesters

The hydraulic system uses a load-sensitive pump and a proportional multi-way valve to form a load-sensitive open system, and the harvesting speed is adjustable through the electric proportional multi-way valve.

Agricultural Machinery Industry-Corn Combine Harvester

Corn harvester It is already a trend to replace mechanical walking by hydrostatic driving. It realizes the comfort and stability of stepless speed change and its operation. The open working system has high cost performance and is simple and easy to operate. Danfoss controller is used as the core control system. The control equipment is fully automatic operations such as header lifting, silo material detection, automatic net wrapping, automatic net cutting, automatic warehouse opening and discharging, and warehouse closing. Its functions are comparable to imported equipment.

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