Hydraulic generator HG

The Danathan hydraulic generator is compact, integrated in a unit, and specially designed for mobile applications. The power source required is a hydraulic system that provides pressure and flow to the hydraulic generator.

Hydraulic welding machine HWG

Hydraulic welders are very small and light welders. With a weight of 18kg, it can emit a welding current of 250A. This series of product models cover 180 ~ 400A welding power, and can also output auxiliary AC 115V, 230V, 400V for electric tools and lighting. Suitable for on-site welding and maintenance of pipelines, steel structures, wear parts, etc.

Hydraulic electromagnetic generator HMG

The hydraulic electromagnetic generator HMG is used for metal recycling, which is used to suck and hang scrap iron, scrap steel, cast iron fragments, leftovers, etc. She can provide the suction force of 3 ~ 30kW @ 220VDC electromagnetic suction cup, high-speed degaussing and magnetizing, and realize the effective operation of scrap steel loading and unloading. The hydraulic magnet can be mounted to any machine used for scrap handling operations, such as excavators, cranes, truck mounted cranes, etc.

Hydraulic electromagnet HMAG

The hydraulic magnet is specifically designed for scrap handling purposes. It only needs to connect the hydraulic line to the spare interface of the hydraulic excavator through the quick connector, and it can work without any other installation work. When the hydraulic circuit is connected, it will be charged; when the hydraulic circuit is disconnected, it will be demagnetized automatically. A hydraulic magnet can be used for rotation of multiple excavators or cranes, or it can be operated as rental equipment.

Hydraulic air compressor

Due to the superior design of the bracket-type gas storage tank and the unloading valve, the HK-type piston air compressor is famous for its compact structure, strong power and high reliability. The HKL type sliding vane air compressor is equipped with an automatic unloading device, which can generate smooth compressed air with a pressure of 12bar and a flow rate of 400 ~ 7500L/min. They are suitable for pneumatic tools, pneumatic purging, air flow slag during drilling, charging hydraulic breakers to prevent dust and water intrusion, and tire inflation.

Hydraulic drive high pressure water pump

Danathan high-pressure water pump uses hydraulic power to turn water into an effective tool-high-pressure water can clean streets and walls, pipeline dredging and maintenance, high-pressure jet drilling, water jet cutting, sand blasting, high-pressure water fire extinguishing, pressure splitting, Pure water hydraulic pressure conversion and other applications. Pressures up to 1800 bar. Features such as strong self-priming capability and high-pressure output enable the high-pressure pump to operate effectively and water-saving in various situations (even remote applications).

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