BBC Series Wheel Side Motor

Black Bear BBC Series Wheel Side Output Motor Light weight, small size, give designers more design space, excellent low-speed performance. Starting torque, wide speed range, multiple braking methods, displacement specifications from 125cc-6500cc, free wheel switching can be realized when rotating, two-speed, multi-speed selection.


Light weight, small size, give designers more design space. Excellent low-speed performance. Large starting torque. Wide speed range. Multiple braking methods. Compact, small

Rotor Motors-MR Series

Features: ●Axial piston motor, displacement: 500cm ^ 3/rev ● Integrated two-way relief valve ● Internal flow channel

Rotor Motors-BBR Series

Features: ● Radial piston motor, displacement: 788cm ^ 3/rev ● Integrated two-way relief valve ● Integrated one-way buffer valve, AB circuit orifice communication ● Internal flow channel

S Series Shaft Output Motor

The black bear S series motor is a new shaft output motor developed by SAMPO Hydraulic Co., Ltd. on the basis of the traditional housing output motor. The S series motor is the black bear's current high power motor. The high power of 500KW, hollow shaft design, axial and radial bearing capacity and excellent performance of speed and displacement switching during operation make S series motors widely used.

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