H1P closed circuit axial piston pumps

The H1 series axial piston pump is designed as a cradle type swash plate, which is mainly used in closed system. The pump output flow ratio corresponds to the pump input speed and displacement. The pump displacement can be steplessly adjusted between zero and large displacement. The direction of the pump outlet oil changes with the swash plate swinging over the neutral position (zero displacement).

H1 variable displacement bent shaft motor / closed circuit axial piston motors

H1B series motor is a bent shaft integrated ball plunger variable motor. The motor is designed to be able to form a closed circuit with other products to realize the transmission and control of hydraulic energy.

S90 Series Axial Piston Pump/Motor

90 series variable pump can cooperate with 90 series motor or other types of hydraulic products to form a hydraulic drive system to achieve the transmission and control of the fluid. Series 90 products are mainly used in closed systems.

T90 Series Axial Piston Pump/Motor

• T90 variable plunger pump -Validated optimized 9-plunger cylinder body ROTARY ASSEMBLY -Smaller dimensions, Higher efficiency -System A and B ports are all metric threads -Manual control • S90 Dosing Motor -Validated optimized 9-plunger cylinder body ROTARY ASSEMBLY -Consistent displacement of motor and pump -System A and B ports are all metric threads -Integrated loop flush valve • TM G reducer -Design proven by years of use -Lower noise -More suitable for complex road conditions -Stronger resistance to vibration and shock

PVG Proportional Valve Group

PVG valve block in the system design for the customer to create a good flexibility. The modular design of PVG provides you with almost countless configurations to adapt to future changes.

Driving Axle

With travel speeds of up to 30 km/h and axle loads of up to 25 t, almost all requirements in this performance segment can be met.Optional features offer the customer a wide product portfolio to create additional comfort.Translated with

Hydraulic pump

Suitable for small mobile devices such as road rollers

45 Series Open Axial Piston Pumps

Series 45 plunger pumps are high performance axial variable displacement plunger pumps designed for use in open systems. The design of each structure can meet or even exceed the high standards of pump performance in the construction machinery market. This is due to our unique optimization design for the performance, size and cost of each structure product.

Pipe connection

Our company provides many specifications and models for your choice

D1P heavy load open pump

High power and reliability  The D1P pump family meets the highest pressure and flow needs of new machine applications requiring variable displacement open-circuit flow. Designed for heavy-duty mobile and industrial applications in the high-pressure range (up to 350 bar), the D1P family is available with a variety of control options and is robust for harsh conditions.Optimized system designWhen you equip your machine with D1P pumps, choosing valves and controls that are made to work together can truly optimize your machine. D1P pumps are PLUS+1® compliant and our electronic controls are ready to go with plug and play software using the Danfoss PLUS+1® GUIDE programming environnent. They are also the perfect match for PVG spool valves, providing efficient and precise machine movement across a wide range of flow requirements.A broad portfolio for maximum controlD1P pumps can be equipped with a broad range of control options. In addition to a full range of standard pressure compensation and load sensing controls, we offer many controls for today’s electrified systems needing electronic actuation or power management.Mechanical Torque Control (MTC) is ideal for applications needing cost effective torque limitation without implementing complex electronic control architectures. Help improve machine productivity by eliminating engine stalls in high demand conditions with MTC controls.Electronic Displacement Control (EDC) is an excellent choice for simple and robust control of pump flow to machine functions. This control can reduce dependency on intermediate valves for motor applications, provide dynamic maximum displacement limitation for auxiliary flow functions, or provide power management for overload protection.Robust design results in robust performanceThe fundamental design of D1P products raises the standard of performance. D1P pumps use angled piston bores and spherical valve plates for high efficiency performance in the rotating group. Combined with available integral vane boost pumps, speed ratings are maximized, and a greater range of adverse inlet conditions can be tolerated. Equipped standard with low friction roller-element cradle bearings, durability is increased versus traditional sliding frictional bearings. For the most extreme market conditions, ATEX certifications are available on mechanical control configurations. 

Plug sealing ring

Our company provides multiple specifications and models of plugs and sealing rings for your choice

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