Construction Machinery Industry-Asphalt Pavers

The use of full hydraulic system technology to achieve walking, spiral, vibration and other closed hydraulic system. The whole machine can realize constant speed control, material level control, fault intelligent diagnosis and other functions. The walking system is driven independently by double jumping and double motors with high control precision, with stable driving and smooth steering. The plunger variable pump, plunger quantitative motor, cycloid motor, walking reducer, shaft output rotary reducer, etc. constitute a fully hydraulic walking system, material dividing system, vibrating system and feeding system.

Construction machinery industry-small road roller

By controlling the hydrostatic power unit composed of variable pump and quantitative motor, it is convenient to realize the forward and backward of the small roller.

Construction machinery industry-road roller

Full hydraulic drive system, dual-frequency dual-amplitude hydraulic vibration system, manual servo plunger variable pump, plunger quantitative motor control walking, electronically controlled plunger variable pump, plunger quantitative motor control to achieve dual-frequency vibration function.

Construction Machinery Industry-Skid Steer Loader

Wheel skid steer loader double plunger variable pump double cycloid motor composed of closed walking drive system, gear pump, sliding special multi-way valve and other components of the working hydraulic system, crawler skid steer loader double plunger variable pump, motor, reducer integrated drive system.

Construction machinery industry-hydrostatic loader

The electronically controlled variable plunger pump detects the engine speed through the speed sensor. After the controller is set, the displacement of the variable pump changes with the change of the engine speed, and the automatic control of vehicle walking is realized. According to the walking transmission system, different plunger motors are configured., Cycloid motors and other driving walking systems, gear pumps, priority valves, steering gears, multi-way valves, etc. realize the steering system and working system of hydrostatic loaders.

Construction machinery industry-stacker, front crane

Braking is divided into right foot big brake and left foot small brake. The right foot big brake directly realizes the whole vehicle braking. The small brake on the left foot can realize the braking of the whole vehicle while cutting off the power. These two kinds of braking applications in different occasions, very suitable for application in the stacker, front crane and large tonnage loader species. The accelerator pedal is specially designed with low outlet pressure and light pedal force. Charging valve with parking brake function, parking brake is electronically controlled, with high integration. The matching pressure switch provides guarantee for the driving of the whole vehicle.

Construction machinery industry-wheeled excavators

The hydraulic system adopts open hydraulic walking drive, valve-controlled working system, hydraulic steering system, full hydraulic brake control system, etc. The brake system uses mechanical locks and other devices to achieve stability and comfort.

Construction machinery industry-graders

The front wheel auxiliary drive system of the grader adopts a load sensing system. The load sensing signal is adjusted by a proportional valve. Different system pressures can be set according to different ground conditions, so that the traction output by the front wheels can be adjusted. The front-wheel auxiliary drive can increase the traction of the whole machine by 30%, and at the same time effectively improve the leveling effect and quality.

Construction machinery industry-stabilized soil mixer

The hydraulic system adopts a series pump scheme. A closed system realized by a variable plunger pump and a variable plunger motor constitutes a driving walking system and a rotor mixing hydraulic system. The pump integrates pressure limiting valves, high-pressure valves, bypass valves and other components to make The hydraulic system has a simple structure and is easy to install and maintain.

Construction machinery industry-concrete mixer truck

The new concrete mixer drive system is composed of Danfoss T90 axial variable piston pump, quantitative motor and TMG reducer. Its development comes from more than 30 years of application experience of our products in the concrete mixing market. The new series is improved on the basis of S90 series, making it more suitable for application in 6-18 cubic concrete mixer. At the same time, in order to save energy, cost performance and other needs, the high-precision and mature electronic control constant speed control system is currently more advanced.

Construction Machinery Industry-Cold Recycler

The full hydraulic system technology is adopted to realize hydraulic walking drive, hydraulic vibration, material separation, feeding, leg and hydraulic air cooling, etc., to realize the whole vehicle hydrostatic drive, and the electric control proportional closed walking and load-sensitive open working system are adopted.

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