Special Vehicle Industry-Fire Truck

The hydraulic system of the vehicle adopts a load-sensitive pump and two sets of PVG multi-way valves to realize the action of each oil cylinder. The PVG multi-way valves adopt high-precision electric proportional control to control the actions of the upper arm frame and the driving outrigger respectively, and realize the interlocking relationship between hydraulic pressure and electrical equipment to realize performance operation. PLUS 1 microcontroller and display are adopted for the whole electrical control system. When the panel operation system fails, the display operation system can be adopted, prevent the whole vehicle from losing control in emergency, realize automatic reversing of propeller fan blades, solve the problem of positive and negative pressure conversion, adopt automatic control of liquid medicine variable frequency pump according to water flow and set medicine ratio, realize automatic mixing of medicine, reduce environmental pollution, realize the switching of acid liquid and alkali liquid decontamination through one-key switching, solve the compatibility of chemical accident treatment with different acidity and alkalinity, enhance the versatility of the whole vehicle, and set up the maintenance interface through HMI display, it makes the maintenance of the whole vehicle simple.

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