System Supplier

Oil detection and purification

Provide parker oil detection and purification solutions, various types of oil detection equipment and their detection forms, and direct output of inspection reports.

Hydraulic oil

Flowster hydraulic oil has excellent thermal stability and outstanding oxidation resistance. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-aging and excellent anti-emulsification, can be used in hydraulic pumps, transmission systems and bearing systems. Suitable for construction machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, wind power industry, petrochemical industry, thermal power and other industries.

Unferrule pipe joint

The use of specialized materials, the alloy components of which are made according to very strict assembly tolerances, ensure extremely homogeneous, fine-grained microstructures of high strength, and have high toughness and fracture insensitivity. Product advantages: no clamping sleeve, no leakage, high-strength optimized pipe cut, high dynamic load capacity, low rebound rate after installation, suitable for carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe.


For any user who has experienced losses due to the failure of hydraulic components or systems, the Webtec tester series can provide you with relevant solutions. The product operates according to the ISO9001 and all test parameters meet national/international standards. Ideal for servicing and repairing hydraulic components and test equipment.

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