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To provide customers with cost-effective power transmission system, as well as intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control solutions

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Successfully provide customers with road construction machinery, airport equipment, petroleum machinery, coal mine machinery and other complete sets of transmission control system solutions, and cost-effective hydraulic power transmission and control systems.

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HHH Cooperation MACH. ELEC.CO.,LTD.

HHH Cooperation MACH. ELEC.CO.,LTD., as a professional and technical company engaged in power transmission and electro-hydraulic control, adheres to the business tenet of "focusing on equipment manufacturing industry, advanced transmission and intelligent equipment." for China's construction machinery, agricultural/forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal/metallurgical machinery, ships and auxiliary machinery, airports and fire-fighting special vehicles and other industries, provide intelligent cost-effective power transmission system, intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control complete system, and its corresponding technical consultation, maintenance and spare parts supporting services. Since its inception, the company has maintained close cooperation with Danfoss, DYNASET, BLACK BRUIN, DURST, SAFIM, FAIRFIELD, MUNCIE and other companies, and combined with its own core technology, serving local manufacturing, committed to narrowing the gap between Chinese manufacturing and world technology in the corresponding application areas.

Application areas

Renhe's technology and products are widely used in road construction, construction, earthwork, agriculture and forestry and other construction machinery; petroleum and coal mining machinery; airport equipment and ship auxiliary equipment; fire-fighting special equipment and other fields.


To provide customers with cost-effective power transmission system, as well as intelligent electro-hydraulic transmission and control solutions

Man of Heaven and Earth, Hehe and Open Source-Warmly Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Renhe Hydraulic! Wish Renhe hydraulic and new and old customers can be expected in the future!

The sun in June is both the harvest season and the sowing season. The golden wheat grains return to the warehouse, and the verdant corn grows vigorously. On this prosperous season, we are very pleased to announce the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Weihai Renhe Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd! Since its establishment in 1998, we have always been committed to providing high-quality hydraulic components for sales and export of agricultural machinery services. On this festive occasion, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all of you.

"Dynamic creation, dynamic win-win, dynamic beyond"! -Renhe Electromechanical Research and Development Elite Won "New Era Post Merit Labor Competition Model"

Comrade Qi Yongbin, senior engineer of Weihai Renhe Electromechanical Co., Ltd., won the honorary title of "2022 Shandong Province New Era Post Merit Labor Competition Model Individual" in the selection of "2022 Shandong Province New Era Post Merit Labor Competition Model Individual" published by Shandong Federation of Trade Unions! "Shandong Province new era post meritorious labor competition model individual" is the Shandong Provincial Federation of trade unions in order to commend the advanced individuals who have made positive contributions and outstanding achievements in the construction of a strong socialist modernization province in the new era in order to recognize their own posts, make contributions and strive to be pacesetters in all kinds of labor competition activities at all levels. As a front-line R & D personnel of the Renhe Research Institute, Qi Gong loves his job and is dedicated to his work. He has long-term deep and detailed research on the complete set of power transmission system technology applied to the field of high-end machinery and equipment in my country, and is committed to shortening the gap between my country's high-end equipment and the world's leading technology level. The key technology and application project of XK28 series super heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling turning center, which he presided over and participated in, fills the domestic blank; the project of MKW5230A/3 × 160 large precision CNC gantry guide rail grinding machine is listed in the major national science and technology project; shandong Province Marine Economic Innovation and Development Regional Demonstration Project "Marine Ship Propulsion/Marine Equipment Dynamic Positioning System Key Technology Research and Development and Industrialization Project" is included in the "Three New" Project List of Shandong Province Marine Economic Innovation and Development Area. In 2021, Qi Gong was hired as a member of the Expert Committee by the Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association, and was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Engineer" in 2021 by the Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association. In April 2021, Qi Gong was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Staff Innovation Stars" by the High District Federation of Trade Unions. In September 2021, Qi Gong participated in the Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Competition and won the first prize for outstanding achievements of the Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award. In October 2022, Qi Gong actively responded to the call of the Weihai High-level Trade Union, squeezed out time from the heavy research and development work, actively participated in the 2022 Professional Skills Competition for Workers organized by the Weihai High-level Trade Union, won the first place in CAD Mechanical Design, and was awarded the title of "Gold Medal Worker" by the Weihai High-level Trade Union.


The new choice of machinery manufacturing industry: the cost-effective advantage of hydraulic generators

Hydraulic generator is a new choice in machinery manufacturing industry, which has the advantages of high efficiency, stability and adaptability. This paper will introduce the working principle, advantages and application of hydraulic generator in mechanical manufacturing industry.


Hydraulic generators: a leading brand of intelligent power transmission systems

Hydraulic generator is a kind of power transmission scheme with high efficiency, reliability and environmental protection, which is widely used in industry, transportation and energy fields. This paper discusses the working principle, application field and the reason why hydraulic generator becomes the helm of intelligent power transmission system. The hydraulic generator has a high degree of intelligence and automation, which can flexibly adjust the output power and operating parameters, and adapt to various complex environments and space constraints. Its wide application and excellent performance make it play an important role in modern industry, providing reliable and efficient power transmission solutions for the intelligent process of industry.