After-sales service

After-sales service hotline

After-sales service hotline:0086-631-3569599


We are committed to

Within the province: arrive at the scene within 24 hours;

Neighboring province: arrive at the scene within 48 hours;

Other provinces: arrive at the scene within 72 hours.


We know

High quality products are not only excellent quality products, as well as timely, in place of the product after-sales service!


We can assure you that

Provide correct products in strict accordance with customer's requirements, and ensure that the products meet customer's equipment requirements.

At the request of customers, our technical engineers at any time for customers to provide installation, testing, debugging, maintenance, repair and other after-sales service!


We believe that

Service can create value! Product to the user is the end of sales, the beginning of service! Customer satisfaction is the purpose of our service!