Coal Machine Industry-Support Truck

Closed plunger variable pump and variable motor form a closed hydraulic walking system, load sensitive pump and PVG multi-way valve to realize the lifting and lowering of the support.

Coal machine industry-full hydraulic tunnel drilling rig

Open system, two sets of main working part and attitude adjustment part, of which the main working part and walking adopt load sensitive system, which is energy-saving and has good flow control performance. All components meet coal safety certification.

Coal Machine Industry-Shun Trough Car

The whole vehicle adopts an integral rigid welded frame, the explosion-proof diesel engine is used as the power, the double trampoline motor is used to form a closed walking system, and the sliding steering is realized. The service brake is the oil brake, and the parking brake is the wet oil cut-off brake.

Coal machine industry-roadheader

The provided hydraulic water mist dust suppression system uses high-pressure water and special atomizing nozzles to effectively control dust at the demolition job site.

Coal machine industry-trackless rubber wheel car.

Stable braking system adopts dual-circuit pedal valve, and the two braking circuits work independently. When one road fails, the journey can still realize braking, which improves reliability. Horizontal and vertical forms can be selected according to the customer's installation space. Parking brake handle valve, brake pressure and handle angle are proportional, which can reduce impact and prolong brake life. Driver-line brake, this brake is installed on the transmission line, easy maintenance, anti-pollution, can save an intermediate mounting bearing. Line brake, this brake is installed on the transmission line, easy to maintain, anti-pollution, can save an intermediate installation bearing.

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