Mining machinery industry-rock drilling jumbo

The working hydraulic system adopts electric proportional multi-way valve, and the load-sensitive pump realizes the load-sensitive open system to realize the attitude adjustment of the boom and the rotation, propulsion and impact of the rock drilling platform. The use of load sensing system makes the hydraulic system more energy-saving, and the electric proportional multi-way valve accurately controls the attitude adjustment of the boom frame.

Mining machinery industry-concrete spraying trolley

Variable pump, variable motor, axle, gearbox complete system, through the variable plunger and variable plunger motor group planning that closed hydrostatic system to drive walking, smooth transmission, can be adjusted by adjusting the main pump displacement to achieve stepless speed regulation.

Mining machinery industry-multi-function drilling rig

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of 45 series open plunger variable pump, PVG multi-way valve group, threaded cartridge valve group and so on, so as to realize the functions of drilling rig walking, power head rotation and lifting, sliding drilling tower, main hoist and auxiliary hoist.

Mining Machinery Industry-Scraper

The hydraulic system is divided into two categories, conventional hydraulic system and remote control system, hydrostatic closed drive walking, hydraulic steering gear work, full hydraulic brake control, remote control system adopts remote control computer operation, the system consists of wireless remote control, Danfoss controller as the core control system, operation can be switched between local operation and remote control operation, remote control communicates with controller through CAN bus, with simple circuit, high reliability, low cost and excellent performance, realize full remote control walking, steering, braking and work, etc., which greatly increases the operational stability. The braking system adopts dual-circuit or oil-cut braking to ensure the braking stability of the vehicle.

Mining Machinery Industry-Digging and Drawing Machines

The valve-controlled walking system uses a large displacement constant power pump, a compensation valve group behind the valve, a high-speed motor and a large torque to drive the reducer. The performance is stable and reliable. The anchor rod working system is driven by a load-sensitive system. The open pump and the load-sensitive valve group control the anchor rod to work. It is energy-saving, reliable and accurate. The driving on the car all adopts the combination of motor and reducer, which is accurate and reliable.

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