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Fan drive electric control system

System Overview: The fan drive electronic control system is used to control the working conditions of the open-type one pump and one motor to drive the fan, solve the problems of engine system overheating, improve fuel economy, reduce noise, and improve component life, and can provide excellent temperature control. System features and principles: Under different engine speed conditions, when the system hydraulic temperature is detected in different ranges, the fan drive system controls the motor displacement and realizes the fan reversal, thereby controlling the fan speed, enabling heat exchanger cleaning, and small displacement The fan gear motor starts smoothly and reliably to improve the efficiency of the heat dissipation system, so as to achieve the strict system requirements of road vehicles The fan drive electronic control system enables a fully user-programmable application, and the example application has been fully tested for work, helping to speed up development and shorten the time to market. The fan drive electronic control system can easily set the fan drive hardware system and temperature signal in a wide range through the setting interface, and can be customized to meet the needs of the fan drive system of a specific vehicle. The fan drive electronic control system contains a large number of Danfoss fan drive application expert technology, reducing development risk. Target application: bus Loader mining truck Mining slag raking machine Other vehicles with fan cooling requirements

Smart fan cooling system

The hydraulic drive fan cooling system has the characteristics of flexible installation, stepless speed regulation, and intelligent control to ensure the best engine temperature, while effectively saving fuel consumption and helping to meet strict global emission standards.

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