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Technology and Services


Technical team:

Renhe Technology Center specializes in the research and development of hydraulic power transmission and electrical control systems, providing cost-effective system solutions for Chinese engineering equipment. Through our reliable technology, we aim to enhance the market competitiveness of customers and provide customers with perfect pre-sales, In-sale and after-sales technical consulting and services. Through years of hard work, the technology center has strong R & D strength and a large number of mature R & D talents, at the same time, we cooperate closely with the industry-university-research center established by Harbin Institute of Technology, as well as well-known universities in the industry such as Zhejiang University and Jilin University of Technology. Therefore, our system is widely used in construction machinery, road construction machinery, agricultural/forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mine/metallurgical machinery, ship auxiliary equipment, airport and fire-fighting special vehicles. In the face of fierce market competition, people combine their own advantages and integrate external resources, optimize internal management and form a business pattern dominated by technology research and development, system integration, product upgrades and general engineering contracting. Through years of close teamwork and diligent work style, the company has accumulated rich experience in the field of engineering technology, and has undertaken the research and development of a number of national 863 projects, which have been well received by many parties.




technologyService Team:

"Enhance the service value and build a brand" to realize "the real sales is after the products are sold". The company has a reliable market-line service team, and is equipped with an electro-hydraulic comprehensive test bench, key components Danfoss hydraulic parts and electric control components, which can realize the full-automatic test of BaseModel and PVG Build Center, the factory test of open pump, closed pump, motor multi-way valve and cartridge valve group, and the test of electric control components, can achieve pressure, flow, efficiency and other data measurement and curve display. It provides quality assurance for the production of pumps and multi-way valves, and provides reliable means for online simulation, simulation and fault detection of electro-hydraulic systems. The company is equipped with various types of online pressure, flow detection instruments, for the system fault detection and market services to provide a reliable guarantee. In addition to having perfect equipment and high-quality talents, the company also has sufficient spare parts inventory. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the company has built a warehouse covering an area of 600 square meters, with a total of more than 1800 million yuan of spare parts and complete spare parts inventory.