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About Us

HHH Cooperation MACH. ELEC.CO.,LTD.


As engaged in power transmission and electric hydraulic control of professional technology company, HHH Cooperation MACH. ELEC.CO.,LTD. adhering to the "focus on the equipment manufacturing industry, its transmission, wisdom, its advanced equipment, transformation and upgrading of mechanical and electrical - driven manufacturing" business purposes, for engineering machinery, agriculture/forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mine/metallurgy machinery, ships and auxiliaries, airport and fire special vehicles, such as industry, to provide intelligent, cost-effective optimal power transmission system, intelligent electric hydraulic transmission and control of complete sets of system, and its corresponding technical advice, maintenance and accessories supporting services.

Since its establishment, the company has maintained close cooperation with Danfoss, dyet, SAMPO, DURST, SAFIM, DANA and other companies, and combined its own core technology to serve the domestic manufacturing of machinery, and is committed to narrowing the gap between domestic manufacturing and modern technology in the corresponding application field.

Company successively with the zhejiang university, Harbin industrial university, jilin university of technology set up technology development center, continuously invests in electro-hydraulic power systems and products resources, conducting production-teaching-research combination, now and in the high speed mobile devices, intelligent controller and related products, emergency rescue equipment and related core hydraulic parts, Marine engineering and ship dynamic positioning device and military device specific electro-hydraulic power plant products, has its own core technology, to establish human mechanical and electrical technology in the industry a competitive advantage.

Since 2003, the company has been awarded as a private science and technology enterprise in shandong province for many times, and has been awarded the title of a high-tech enterprise by shandong provincial department of science and technology for many times. Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2007. Renhe has been recognized by the capital market and successfully entered the new third board market in November 2015 with the equity code of 834920.

"Enhance the service value, casting people and brand" is the company's service purpose. The company has a first-line market service team and a number of domestic professional repair stations, the after-sales service as a key link. The company is equipped with an electro-hydraulic comprehensive test bench, Danfoss hydraulic parts and electronic control components, which can realize the automatic test of BaseModel and PVG Build Center, the factory test of open pump, closed pump, motor, multi-way valve and cartridge valve group, as well as the test of electronic control components, so as to realize the data measurement and curve display of pressure, flow and efficiency. To provide quality assurance for the production of pumps and multiplex valves, and to provide corresponding means for the on-line simulation, simulation and fault detection of electro-hydraulic systems. The company is equipped with various online pressure and flow detection instruments, which provide reliable guarantee for system fault detection and market service.

In order to adapt to the new round of revitalization and upgrading of manufacturing and cope with the market changes brought about by this, renhe mechanical and electrical co., LTD., on the one hand, has increased the research and development of its own core technology and invested in the manufacturing of key products, so as to realize the transformation of the company from a productive service enterprise to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise. On the other hand, the company has actively explored the application fields of relevant technologies and made breakthroughs in Special equipment, Marine engineering ships and emergency rescue equipment.