System Supplier

Waterway system

Pump circulating cooling water to cool the motor/battery/controller of new energy vehicles

Diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps: Available in both electric and pneumatic types, they can provide fluid output options in the pressure range of 0-11 bar and the flow range of 1.14-26.5 liters/minute. It has the characteristics of light weight, small size, low noise, effectiveness and adaptability, self-priming and short-term dry rotation. The optional pressure switch and flow bypass can effectively improve the fluid output characteristics, relieve the pump outlet pressure in time, and avoid The pump is stuffy and damaged when the outlet pipeline plunger is used to effectively protect the pump.

Fuel pump

Oil pump: mainly used for conveying diesel oil, hydraulic oil and other oil products. It has a strong dry self-absorption force and can be installed in a spacious place near the fuel tank for easy maintenance. Because of its high reliability used on mobile heavy machines, it is adopted by many construction machinery manufacturers.

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