2 Filling valve

Independent filling function, can be integrated with load sensing system and parking brake solenoid valve, filling fluid flow and pressure can be selected from a wide range.

5 S6 brake system

Application ● Medium and large vehicles with 1 to 4 brake circuits: loaders, dump trucks, forklifts, wheel cranes, cement mixers, excavators, road rollers, etc.

3 Brake master cylinder

The small force acting on the pedal can produce high braking force, simplified external dimensions, easy installation, suitable for mineral oil and brake fluid; Brake pressure: 0 - 1 5 0 B a r, displacement 8 - 6 5 c c, working temperature:-20 ℃-90 ℃. Mainly used in backhoe loaders, forklifts, agricultural excavators and combine harvesters.

4 Brake cylinder

Application: ● Parking brake (reverse action brake cylinder) ● Accelerator or clutch control. ● Compound brake cylinder (service brake, parking brake, emergency brake)

6 Brake accessories

Multi-function cylinder, parking spring cylinder, slave cylinder, proportional valve, priority valve, steering valve, three-way control valve, accumulator

1 Sequence valve

The starting point for the design of SAFIM hydraulic valves is to distribute the flow of the hydraulic pump to different functional devices through the valve body with low pressure drop according to three priority levels.

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