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Jungeblodt-KPM Ronblaut Fasteners

  • Commodity name: Jungeblodt-KPM Ronblaut Fasteners



  • Product Description
  • Rongblaut-Compman has unique capabilities in manufacturing fastener components. The users of Rongblaut-Comptmann have extremely high requirements for quality, technical feasibility and certification qualifications.

    Our price-performance ratio, complete product manufacturing range and fast logistics services are very attractive.

    We have advanced physical and chemical measurement centers in China, including material laboratory, tensile test room, metallographic test room, bolt torque room, salt spray test room, measurement room, hardness room, precision test room, etc., to test various parameters of product performance. In April 2019, China Physical and Chemical Metrology Center passed the certification of Rongblaut DAkkS standard, meeting the testing requirements of DIN standard 3.2 of Rongblaut.

    power plant technology

    Application: Storage barrels for nuclear waste

    Products: Hexagon bolts, nuts, studs

    Pump and flow control technology

    Application: Pumps and Valves

    Products: Auxiliary bolts, hexagon bolts, hexagon socket bolts, studs

    Power Generation-Gas Turbine

    Application: Power plants for oil, gas or industrial turbines

    Products: Turbine auxiliary equipment, parts groove accessories, standard parts and processed parts

    chemical industry

    Application: pipe connections, pressure vessels, fittings

    Products: Customized fasteners manufactured according to DIN standards

    Special Works

    Products: Hexagon bolts, hexagon socket bolts, nuts, studs

    Ocean Engineering

    Application: Oil and Gas Production

    Product: Custom fasteners, hexagon socket bolts and nuts

    mechanical industry

    Application: press, tunnel construction, heat exchanger

    Products: clamping bolts, studs, nuts, washers and custom fasteners


    Application: Construction

    Products: Hexagon bolts, nuts, bolts and custom fasteners

    Maritime Technology

    Application: Engine drives, cranes

    Products: cylindrical bolts, connecting rod bolts, studs and custom fasteners

    Transport Technology-Railway Engineering

    Application: wheel and clutch connection

    Products: Hexagon bolts, nuts, studs and custom fasteners

    aviation technology

    Application: Connection of propeller blades

    Products: Hexagon bolts, nuts, studs and custom fasteners

    Defense Technology

    Application: Armored Vehicle Parts

    Products: Hexagon bolts, nuts, bolts and custom fasteners


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